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  • You're insane. I probably average like sub-2:45 barely on megaminx, bully :(. (But I would love to try a pro's megaminx, to see how it turns :D) :/ Calwin is back here just for a while, but he's going back to Australia, probably already did. So yea we will be

    It's okay, I don't really mind anyway, follow your heart :D Nawwww it's okay, I don't 5x5, I just don't really like bigcubes, no point wasting your time modding my cube. If I were to do the mod, I would rather do it completely so that it actually turns like a ZhanChi (quoted from Tim Major). Rather not do stuff halfway. Nope I can't go to McDonalds tonight, very sorry. What're you doing tomorrow and the day after? If you really can't make it, then we'll meet up next weekend instead. :/
    Also, the stickers are not exactly new, I put them on a few weeks (I think) after getting the cube. Everything else but white is perfect. White's slightly chipped on 3 stickers and the center sticker doesn't look THAT pretty, but yea :p
    Oops sorry afk, was having some food. Yeah, it'd be better if you did. :D LOL my SS 5x5 seriously sucks ._. Totally not like what I expected it to be, and I doubt it'd get better with breaking in. What it needs is Florian's mod, and I'm not gonna spend that much time on a puzzle which I don't really use. I don't cube much anyway, nowadays. :/
    Are you using IE? The "this script is taking a while" popup only shows up for me there, ad I don't really know any way around it. If you quit out of the popup the page doesn't load properly. You can avoid the popup problem by using http://www.qqtimer.net/minimal/, which doesn't use the new computation-intensive 3x3 scrambler. (Or you could use Firefox/Chrome :p) See if the spacebar works for you after getting that one to load properly.
    Lurkers are cool k. :) No I don't think you got what I meant. Cause if we trade, then I'll be like 'losing 10 bucks' :D. Not that I really mind, but just reminding you of the fact in case you realise it only later and feel guilty :p So whaddaya think?
    And I thought you wanted to get a brand new ZhanChi? Mine's pretty bad, I doubt you'd want mine. I'll bring mine anyway, just in case you decide it's good. Not now, maybe this weekend? And what's that about a SS 5x5? I don't get the joke.
    well, i do parkour. so yes i am. i dont know many tricks though :p how did you know?
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