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  • Meetup was cool, better than I expected :p Hope you enjoy my Zhanchi, SS and SS :D have fun wei. :)
    edit: restickering your GuHong. :p

    edit2: we should have done teamstep solves/factory solves :D
    What's your number? I'll drop you a miss call now. And what cubes? ZhanChi and my megaminx is probably enough right? Bring your timer as well. :p
    I'm not sure yet, you live nearby right? I'll be going to Kelana Jaya LRT station by bus, duno what time, so I'll sms you by then. 9:30 is probably fine. Calwin is in a freaking hotel I have no idea where and he has to go to the airport Sunday, so he says he can't make it. -_- in front of the school I guess. Then we walk to McD? :D
    No.. That was Calwin's reply to my meetup invitation, rofl. Morning, fine. You have my number right?
    You used to, you deleted it kan? Very nice, I love people without facebook, haha. *google maps and FAILS TERRIBLY* okay give me some landmarks, some shops/petrol stations nearby -_- sorry dude, really don't know.
    Then you tell me la where's the McD, I memang duno anyplace nearby. I don't mind McD la walao, lulz. :/ No la you can, if only you practise :p instead you're doing 8x8 and stuff LOL. Just asked Calwin.

    I'll be in hotel until Sunday when I go to the airport, not free, sorryy. :( maybe you ask others in Malaysian Cube? Are you a member of the facebook group?
    YOU'RE A CLOSE THIRD PLEASE :/ wow now that I've checked, Kee Yen is really like wtfast (relatively) o.o but SK corner stands out for me lol, cause it's like so obvious, and it's pretty much the only makan place nearby there I've went to hahah. Okay asking him.
    2nd in Malaysia being humble, rofl. anyway, have to know the time from you first at least, and which McDonalds lol I don't really take fast food :p, at least give simple directions/instructions. If you can confirm with me what time, then maybe I'll try and check if Calwin's still around. :p
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