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  • Haha Bet I will, tho **** could happens. Meh, I'm happy with no.2 in NR no matter how slow I am LOL.
    LOL haha looks like I gotta practice more BLD now. Been doing 3x3 lately, meh, hope I get new official record for 3x3.
    Well, I won't be able to fully assemble it, because some of the pieces are gone. I'm going to see if I can order some from somewhere online. Apparently the cubicle has some pieces if you send them a message, and I want a zhanchi silk anyway. I guess I'll have to see.
    Yeah, I can post some pictures sometime. I need to find my 6x6. I lost a few pieces to it when it popped in public, so I haven't been using it.
    Well, there are some general things I can teach you about Hebrew.
    Unlike English, in Hebrew we have male and female for objects and other general words (for example: table is a male, couch is a female, emotion is a male, etc.)
    It is expressed by some thing like How we use numbers (one couch is different than one table), and descriptions ((big couch is different than big table)
    About plurals. Just like English language has the letters 's' for plurals, in Hebrew there are two different endigs for plurals, 'im' and 'ot'.
    for example, knife = 'sakin' in Hebrew, and it is 'sakinim' in plural. table = 'shoolhan' in Hebrew, and it is 'shoolhanot' in plural.
    Oh oops thanks for reminding me, I'll do it now. By the way does Sunday - Thursday sound good?
    I'm no teacher, but I'll try to answer any question you have :)
    About my English, did I make any mistake in that conversation?
    Most of the times, I would be able to understand, most of the words used in the bible are used in the common Hebrew language as well.
    Of course there are many words and phrases in the bible that I don't understand. It's still pretty different than modern Hebrew.
    'Otiyot' is actually letters in Hebrew :p
    Hi There! I'll try my best to answer your questions with my poor english :p
    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by saying 'part', but I live in the northern part of israel, in a city called Karmiel.
    About my religion, it's kind of complicated now, but I grew up and still live in a traditional Jewish house. We are not very religious, but we have some religious customs. Such as Circumcision, Bar Mitzvah, we are performing the Friday night Kiddush routinely and we celebrate all the jewish holidays. And of course, my native language is Hebrew.
    However, besides the things that are mentioned above, I don't practice my religion regularly because I don't consider myself a religious man. I don't believe in god.
    I don't think I know what tricking is in that particular context.
    If you have more questions, feel free to ask :)
    LOL centisecond, haha, first time hearing someone use that. :p just lubed my megaminx with the diff oil, and it turns awesome now! :D (to me at least). Wants you to rate it at Cyber :)
    :p cool sig eh. I have no idea who's method I'm using, I'll show you next time. Watched many of the top minxers' vids, and I have no idea which one I liked and picked up, and am lazy to rewatch all of them again.
    Sorry, can't help myself :p yea it's dumb, I followed your reconstruction and did it. Who cares anyway? A sub-10 is a sub-10. Milestone, milestone, dude. Now go for avg! :D
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