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    Cubetastic Web Timer - with TNoodle scrambles!

    Nice! I'm excited to see a timer using TNoodle =) Did you consider using WCA OAuth ( for authentication?
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    StackMat G4 signal glitch?

    I can't say I've seen this exact abberation before, but as you said, it doesn't look like a big issue, so long as you have nicely tuned high and low water marks for declaring that the signal has changed from high to low. This is not super relevant to you, but I started a page here...
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    3BLD letter scheme swapper?

    I know this is not what you're asking for, but here's something I hacked together a while back that does let you enter any letter scheme you like:
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    What are Some Cubing Apps You Want to See?

    The WCA Software Team is always looking for help with our endless list of issues if you're interested =)
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    Script and/or app that check for competitions in a certain regions?

    Rather than building a third party tool for this, I think it would make more sense for this to be implemented on the WCA website itself. If anyone is interested in implementing this, please reach out to the software team and we can help you get started!
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    5x5x5 centres with random-move scrambles

    Ok. That timing sounds bearable, but the memory usage would be a problem. Another thing to consider is how long it takes to generate any pruning tables/whatever you need. We already do random state 4x4 in TNoodle, so AFAIK there's nothing to worry about here. Did you have something in...
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    5x5x5 centres with random-move scrambles

    I could see us switching to random state 5x5 scrambles specifically for 5x5 blindfolded. It would still be a pain to scramble, but the solves are also way slower than a 5x5 speedsolve. Granted, I have no idea what's feasible in terms of 5x5 random state, but if 85 move random scrambles can be...
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    WCA Raw Record Data

    Have you looked at
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    rubiks-cube-tracker: locate a NxNxN rubiks cube in an image or video

    This is awesome! Feel free to send in a PR to if you'd like it to show up on
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    What are the 2 files you need users to upload?
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    The Future Of Judging

    I spent a lot of time talking my head off about this sort of stuff in 2014/2015. I burned lot of time looking into the smartphone/tablet integration. Definitely take a look through before you spend too much time on the hardware integration. I...
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    old timer thread

    TNoodle actually does compile down to Javascript using GWT, so that's an option if you want high quality scrambles. You can see a proof of concept of TNoodle javascript scrambles here: If you're interested in taking advantage of this, reach out to me over email. It's...
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    Older cubers discussions

    That sounds great! Unfortunately, changing the schema of the database export has a tendency to break things for people using the darn CSV export (see for an example of this), so we'll have to be careful about how we roll that out...
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    Older cubers discussions

    I think that could make sense for older people, but probably doesn't make much sense for younger competitors. Here's the GitHub issue Jason was referring to: The WCA Software Team is pretty overwhelmed with work (check out our full...
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    A program for making competition schedules

    (I'm Jeremy Fleischman, the lead developer of CCM, and the leader of the WCA software team) Wow, good eye, mikebolt! For those of you watching, CCM is what powers the currently unused We added a pretty cool (IMO) schedule creator. It's not automated, just a Google Calendar...