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    What should I average on 5x5 and 4x4 and megaminx?

    Wow, I like that Chart. Now I can compare Cubing another Sport (Swimming). You guys know, if there is something similar for running (10km and Marathon). Would be interresting to know, which time I need to be "sub20" in 10km.
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    When I lube my Yuxin Litte Magics with Traxxas 50k, they become awesome. When I do the same for my GAN XS, it is almost unusable after lubing. Can it be, that Lube behaves so different on different cubes? Do I need different lubes for each cube?
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    What average did you have, when you got your first sub 10?

    Hi. My Ao100 is 17 sec. I wonder when I can expect my first sub 10 PB. Current PB is 11.4. So what average is needed to realistically get a single sub 10?
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    BH Tutorial

    Thats wrong. Even today there are already lots of applications, where computers are better in pattern recognition than humans. It is estimated that in 10-20 years computers are better in almost every aspect of pattern recognition than humans.