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    A Collection of Algorithms

    Worked out this E perm, I think its decent, maybe, i dunno.... OH tho? U' R U L' U' R' U r2 U R' U' r' F r F'
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    What is the hardest barrier you've faced?

    In order of difficulty sub 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 etc. seriously. probably varies from person to person though depending on what is holding you back at any given speed and what you do to improve what is holding you back
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    Complete Lube Guide

    Which is why we have a whoooooole thread about it....
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    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    I recently got a 54.5mm weilong, its a pretty good cube, its just kinda slow. It was slowish out of the box, I've tried wt 2 lube, it helped a little but I thought maybe I had used to much, I've tried wiping it out, whatever, I've also tried tight and loose tensions I just can't seem to get...
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    I wouldnt bother with a new cube if I were you, at your current stage 90% of your improvement will come from practice, I doubt your cube is holding you back.
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    [Unofficial] 2-gen UWR ao12: 0.46

    Damnit, I've been had... I thought "woah I didnt know 2GLL algs were that fast"
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    (Poll) How many cubes do you have in your collection?

    2x2: Lan Lan 3x3: 2 rubiks brand (+2 in the graveyard) some random cube from the 80s with Japanese colors and adjustable screws cube4you diy type c ghosthand 2 f-II 2 Guhongs (one missing a corner) Aolong v2 mini weilong 4x4: (rubiks brand in graveyard) QJ 4x4 (and another in graveyard) Maru...
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    Breaking sub-30 on 3x3

    Your cross is really slow, practice coming up with more efficient solutions, even if you use a minute of inspection. Watch videos on advanced cross building, and probably some example solves. To me that was the most obvious area you could improve. Your turn speed is definitely a limiting...
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    Introducing qqTimer! its more up to date
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    Does anyone know how weight 30 shock oil compares to the cubicle lubes? I'm looking for something that isnt quite as thick.
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    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    D R2 U2 B2 R2 U R2 U R2 D' R2 B L' B' D2 B D U' F L Free 3x2x1, roux anyone?
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    Gans 356 First Impressions

    Man that looks strange, but very cool
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    Accomplishment Thread

    WOW.. Just had an amazing session in which I broke my 3x3 pb single/ao5/ao12/ao50 with 9.57/12.19/12.98/13.99. I just got back into cubing a few weeks ago and I've been practicing a lot, its really nice to see results like this. very very happy :D
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    I've got this stuff I'm pretty sure I bought at a princeton competition a few years ago, its called Factory Team 30 wt shock fluid, I like it, but its a bit thick I think. Does anyone know how the cubicle lubes compare to something like this?
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    [Review] YuXin 4x4 - ZhiSheng Unicorn

    Just got this cube, and in my opinion it is very very good. The feel of the cube really suits my style, and my inner layers are a bit slower than the outer ones, but it sounds like its more of an issue for other people. That said, as much as I really really like this cube, I've never tried an...