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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    How old are old plastic Zhanchis? How old are the old Zhanchis? I was unpacking some boxes and found a few Zhanchis that I had bought in early June/late July of 2011 and was wondering if they were the infamous old plastic cubes. They were all new, and actually don't feel very different, the...
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    How the Rubik's cube gave me a job

    That's really cool, congrats! And to bandwagon, your english is fine.
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    How to correctly place the piece after pop?

    Maybe you should tighten your cube or possibly buy a less pop-prone cube. I can't speak for other cubers but I barely pop, maybe once every 20 solves at most.
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    Calvin's Puzzle - Calvin's Silicone Lubes (High & Medium Viscosity), Testing Thread!

    I haven't gotten an email, it could just be me though.
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    Looking for: Zhanchi Silk and Old Plastic Zhanchi

    I bought an elite in December of 2010, and I believe it's an old guhong being as it has the black screws. It's a really nice cube, but compared to the new elites, I don't feel much difference.
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    The "I quit / pause / return / change / etc." thread

    Woah, nostalgia rush (coming back thread, anything I missed?) Well, some of you may know me, I was a pretty active cuber around mid 2011 and would cube all the time. Then, after nationals, I started to move on to different things, and then I quit around mid October last year. As of two months...
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    Found a place that sells aluminum cores, quit, then rediscovered this site

    I dissapeared from this community and a cuber friend would always send me cubing links, and upon searching through my email, I found this site : I remember a much bigger site, and for the most part another Lubix type thing, but the only thing that stood out was the...
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    Help me find a senior quote :D

    Roses are red Facebook is blue No mutral friends Who the f**k are you? No, I will not fix your computer
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    [Sell] Lingyun V1 6 Colored and Lingyun V2 White

    How much for the V2 shipped to virginia
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    Is My Dayan GuHong "Special"?

    Try lubing it (with lubix for best results) then loosen it a bit but not to the point where it pops nonstop. After some break-in, it should get better.
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    Cubes stolen looking to replace some puzzles

    The lubix jawdrop I lost too. The 4x4 had some problems with the screws in the wrong places so I left it.
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    Cubes stolen looking to replace some puzzles

    yes zach, it is I, the James who filmed your solves.
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    Cubes stolen looking to replace some puzzles

    LSC 2011. I asked, they found nothing