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    Square 1 Help

    Use Jason Baum's method it's awesome or you could combine Jason Baum and Lars Vandenbergh's methods like I do :P
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    What do you do when cubing?

    Holoidays? Holidays maybe :P
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    second handed rubiks cube [Melbourne/NSW]

    Lol flammed WTF you will get flamed if you continue with that crappy spelling.
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    5x5x5 Race

    Round 25: 2:33.19, 2:25.98, 2:05.26, 2:17.23 Average:2:21.60 This was just better then average, 2:05.26 is my new pb by far :D.
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    2x2x2 Race Thread

    Round 35: 4.63, 3.70, 3.17, 5.19, 3.92, 3.69, 4.68, 3.35, 3.70, 5.03, 4.92, 4.50 Average of 12: 4.21 seconds Just a normal average.
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    Race to sub 5 (7x7)

    Round 15: 7:56.15, 7:41.55, 7:20.72, 7:18.38, 7:34.27 Average:7:32.18 This was an ok average normally sub 7:30 but I didn't bother warming up.
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    HelpLube - Cheap High Viscosity Silicone

    60cc of 50000wt pure silicone for £3.68 is what I have :D (high viscosity chock oil).
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    I got my first 3BLD success a couple weeks ago, it was 4:01.61 (minutes) using old Pochmann, I haven't tried since though
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    2x2 EG (Erik-Gunnar) Method

    EG-1 all the way then for me :D
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    2x2 EG (Erik-Gunnar) Method

    Ahh immense I will begin learning EG-1 tomorrow morning when I wake up because it's like midnight right now :p
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    2x2 EG (Erik-Gunnar) Method

    So EG-1 pre CLL? Because normally in my Ortega solves a J perm bottom layer is fastest.
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    2x2 EG (Erik-Gunnar) Method

    More efficient way to learn full EG Hey do younguys think it would be a good idea for me to learn all 3 algs for each 2x2 recognition at the same time? (CLL, EG-1 and EG-2). I was thinking I could just learn the algs t the same time except just apply whichever one came up, I plan to learn full...
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    Goals Thread

    Not currently but I have the time I just left school so I have a super long summer the average may stretch over 2 days.
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    Goals Thread

    All average of 100 2x2 sub 4 (learn CLL) 3x3 sub Fridrich (using roux overtake my fridrich times with my new method (sub 17)) 4x4 sub 1:15 using K4 5x5 sub 2:15 7x7 sub 7 average of 5 Square 1 sub 30 Pyra sub British record (6.18) OH sub 30 3BLD get my second, third, fifth, and sixth successes...