Jun 27, 1997 (Age: 22)


3x3 PB: 17.27 (Stickered GTS2M) 3x3 Ao5: 22.52 (Stickerless GTS2M) 3x3 Ao12: 25.18 (Stickerless GTS2M)
Collection: Yuxin Kylin v2, The Valk, Cubicle Valk3M, Valk Power (Self Magnetized with 4x2 N38), 2x GTS2M, MF3RS2M, Cubicle Labs MF3RS2M, Weilong WRM, GAN Air Pro, GAN 356 Air (Self Magnetized with 4x2 N35), GAN Air SM, GAN X, Blue Dayan Guhong (with torpedoes), and FangCun 3x3 Dayan Zhanchi Clone (with Dayan core, springs, and screws).

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