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    LOTS of stickers

    Give them away? (A) Or sell/trade them :) I need stickers xD
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    I'm searching for a new 3x3. Recently decided that i will buy it from C4Y of But i have never even touched another 3x3 than my store bought. And don't get me wrong. My store bought was great. Very smooth and it never locked up. But is starts getting old and i think something...
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    Seriously? So if i would buy a new typ a diy and choose that shipping option... will it be here in 2 days? For only around 16 euro's?
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    Yeah i know. I bough my 6x6 from and that was cheaper :P But i live in holland. So if i order a 3x3 from cube4you it takes like... 3 weeks or something. And i really need a new 3x3. So since this company is dutch it only takes one day to get to my house. So thats why i plan...
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    If you don't live in or near holland... Don't read this! I'm searching for a new 3x3 speedcube. I use a Rubik's brand 3x3 now. but it starts to lock up more and more. so that is why i want a new speedcube. So i saw a few nice one on But i can't choose with one to get...