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    Did the Americans walk on the Moon?

    Where exactly do the Jews come in on a debate about whether Americans went to the moon? Also, I fail to see how Hollywood or CNN are Jewish (although maybe I'm just blind to that conspiracy too :confused:). And wasn't Kissinger a German? or maybe he was just born in Germany.
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    Joe Biden(Obama's VP), hilarious mess-up

    There's an entire other side to this as well. What about people who will vote Obama because he's black? Most of my black friends are going to/would (if they were older) vote for him, and many of them don't really know what his positions are on important issues, it's more like a popularity...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    3x3: sub 30 A12, and sub 20 single (PLL was U2): Rubik's JTimer Session Statistics for Tue Aug 12 13:21:45 EDT 2008 Total Solves: 12 Total DNFs: 0 Average: 29.10 sec. Fastest Time: 19.18 Slowest Time: 33.79 Standard Deviation: 04.45 1) 28.10 U' F L' U' R' F R' B2 L' R' D2 R'...
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    Sticker destroyed, what can I rebuild with?

    Electrical tape works very well, if you can find a way to cut it precisely.
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    Post your Desktop Wallpaper

    I changed my desktop too.
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    How-to/Guide Request Thread

    Qhorin on Youtube has some Roux tutorials, I don't know how good they are though (I only watched parts of them, back when I first started speedcubing).
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    Which OS?

    Dual-booting Kubuntu and XP.
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    What method do you use?

    Petrus ftw!
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I stopped speedsolving for like 2 weeks, while I learned algs, did FMC, some BLD, etc. The last time I took an avg was July 19, the A20 was 35.34. Today: Average: 31.20 sec. Individual Times: 1) 33.51 2) 34.48 3) 30.80 4) 25.63 5) 32.51 6)...
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    1980's "cube lube" (wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the hardware section :confused:)
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    Google to buy Digg for around $200 Million

    looks like the deal fell through:
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    Let's play...

    True. TPBM is upset that their brother is hogging all the bandwidth with WoW. (makes downloading large files a painful experience!)
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    Google to buy Digg for around $200 Million

    There were rumors last year. Everyone denied them, and it was insinuated that they originated as an April Fool's prank. Frankly, I'm shocked, as it looked like a hoax at the time, and I hadn't heard anything since (although I haven't been active on Digg recently, so I might've missed something)...
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    Test your logic

    I beat this game very fast, but then again, I was familiar with some of the questions, from puzzle books and such. No logic necessary, most of the quiestions require you to notice a subtle detail, at which point they become very easy.
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    Problem with CubeTimer?

    spacebar (*message too short*)