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    North London Open 2016 (UK)

    Thank you to everybody for a great competition! 3x3x3 was the highlight for me. The worst bit was MultiBLD. I don't think I am going to be doing that many cubes again in the future - the time pressures me and I end up forgetting things. In addition, I am not sure I could replicate the 10/10 I...
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    How do you Calculate your TPS

    1. Reconstruct solve 2. Count the turns (from the reconstruction) 3. Look at the time. 4. tps = number of turns ÷ time (seconds)
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    North London Open 2016 (UK)

    @Berd How much for the Pyraminx Duo?
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    North London Open 2016 (UK)

    Since I have found a temporary fix for the glued internal pieces, I'll bring the Mirror 4x4x4 I designed to the competition. That is only if I can finish it when I get the chance. I might bring another puzzle as well that I designed, but I don't know if I'll be able to. We'll see.
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    North London Open 2016 (UK)

    It's a shame I can't come on Saturday as I've recently practiced 2, 4 and 5. I would say it's goals time. At least for me it is: 4x4x4 - Get an average. 5x5x5 - sub-3 single. If I can, get an average. Statistics show there is a 6% chance. BLD - Success!! I am going to do a safety solve. When...
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    YuXin 11x11x11 For Sale!

    Sorry, it is now sold.
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    I was such a noob at my first comp...

    At mine I asked five billion questions in the competitor tutorial.
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    North London Open 2016 (UK)

    Does anyone have a spare clock that they would kindly lend to me (if I go)? Also, please remove me from 2, 4, 5, Mega, Pyraminx and Blindfolded. I have school that Saturday (every Saturday apart from a few). Thanks!
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    QiYi Skewb Caps falling off

    One centre cap falling off is not a DNF, it is a normal solve.
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    YuXin 11x11x11 For Sale!

    The puzzle has been reserved.
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    YuXin 11x11x11 For Sale!

    EDIT: The puzzle has been reserved. Hello everybody, I have one 11x11x11 that I have never solved. I can't have done more than about twenty turns on it. A few small stickers have fallen off, but most stickers seem fine. Either way, I have a set of factory stickers that I shall include. I have...
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    Exeter Open 2016 (UK)

    Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe. I don't know if I am back from educational classics trip in Greece though.
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    Any hair shampoo/gel with lots of dimethicone will do.
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    Racing to sub-15

    Round 31 (my first round ever): Average: 18.356 Cube: MoYu AoLong V1 Comments: No skips, I used LPELL and a 9 move corner cycle on the 15.38. My F2L is now about 11 seconds, and I use 4LLL + F2L + A tiny bit of intuitive WV + two LPELL cases learnt today. 1. 14.76 2. 15.31 3. 19.99 4...
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    Manchester Open 2016 (UK)

    I assume you mean my father, and no, he is not coming either. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk