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    yep yep yep

    yep yep yep
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    Original Rubik's Revenge 4x4 vs. MoYu AoSu

    Kind of a comparison between the original Rubik's Revenge 4x4 and the MoYu AoSu and/or currently popular 4x4s in general. But definitely more of a review, so sorry for misleading title "Rubik's Revenge Puzzle" Logo "1982 Made in Hong Kong"
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    Why Do YOU Like Cubing?

    I actually don't enjoy cubing. I do it because the ladies get so turned on by the fact that I play with a multi-colored toy from the 80s. They think it's vintage. And hot.
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    [Unofficial] 28.69 Miley 4x4 Single

    my attempt bj Ian </3
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    [Unofficial] Miley Average of 5: 10.72

    I'd rather not die, tyvm
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    [Unofficial] Miley Average of 5: 10.72

    gj not as gud :(((
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    [Unofficial] Miley Average of 5: 10.72

    omg wut a slowpoek
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    Australian Nationals 2013 (Canberra)

    Don't worry, you won't
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    [Unofficial] Miley Average of 5: 10.72

    aww yiss miley cyrus
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    2x2 CLL Set Relays

    Or you could just quit now
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    Team USA Jackets! (Read the first post)

    Size: Large Name: Bourn (without the E)
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    MeMyselfAndPi F-II Review

    wot r u takin about ofc this is pi
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    MeMyselfAndPi F-II Review

    omg wot a gr8 revew
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    Rubik's Cube sightings in media