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    Most controllable 3x3 cubes?

    Storebought 3x3 never pops and never overshoots ;)
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    Flappy Bird

    My 5 yr old sis has 51 I have 37 D:
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    How much did your average drop after learning whole OLL and PLL?

    To me, full OLL is unnessary cuz i only use full PLL and i average like 15-16
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    The Moment You Found Your "Perfect" Cube

    i still dont have a faking perfect cube fak mai life
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    What would you pay for an Eastsheen?

    Shengshou 6x6? Also, no one is going to buy an Eastsheen.
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    What is the best lubricant? [poll]

    Semen. OT: Probably Weight 4 Lubicle
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    2x2 CLL Set Relays

    Yeah close enough.
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    2x2 CLL Set Relays

    No i think its 9.4...
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    I lubed the pieces and it feels just fine :p
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    What is your favorite brand of cube?

    idgaf rlly
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    POLL: Most difficult time barrier to break!

    Sub 30 = ez Sub 20 = kinda ez Sub 18 = meh Sub 15 = not even there... it hard D:
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    How Do You Practice?

    20 solves a day Increasing in speed from 1-20 So my first solve im turning super slow And the last one is fast/look ahead.
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    Same thing 10k = weight 1 30k = weight 3 ect.
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    [Unofficial] Average of 30: 15.79

    Your solves look almost like mine o.o