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    Magnets Discussion and Help thread

    Anyone know what magnets are best in a spring swapped yuxin red? (4x4s and 6x6s are complicated with strength ugh)
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    Who likes making cubing videos? And has a relatively fast memo?

    No cause when your in the "blindsolving discussion" and someone is asking about memorization it's not about blind it's about clock /s
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    Commutator generation, 5cycles and more

    Any way you could get it to work with cube explorer or something in a way that short non-commutative solutions would show up? A fair amount of the worst commutator cases have good algorithmic alternatives
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    How I memo twisted corners

    Yea TBH I'm not great at multi. Nothing stopping you from adding more to each piece tho like good multiblders would for letter pairs
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    How I memo twisted corners

    Hey all, this isn't anything crazy but I thought I'd share cause a while ago I remember struggling to do it visually since I use corner memo first/execute second Basically for the 7 pieces that aren't my buffer I have a distinct character assigned to them, that are really easy to remember in my...
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    Best 3-style buffers?

    Thanks man :) Im going to go with UR/UBR :):)
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    Best 3-style buffers?

    Wait so what pair of buffers should I use... those aren't adjacent, what would be the best taking into account parity
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    Best 3-style buffers?

    I know most people use DF UBL, but I'm assuming that's because it comes from M2/OP. And people also use UF from turbo. (Which people seem to think is better) I also see like kaijun and marcell with DFR corners so maybe that's a good idea because it's on the same layer as DF for parity? In your...
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    How to tell a bad batch wuque

    If you don't know if it's old or new batch, it's probably old. I sold my old one at a comp and got a new batch one and it's super fast on the inners, and I would never have any doubts about its batch
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    Magnets Discussion and Help thread

    N50? N35s are borderline too strong for my white valk
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    Edge + Corner memorizing letter pairs?

    Use images for corners, them audio edges. when you use separate systems there shouldn't really be mix up. And for corners, don't imagine it in a location, that's a little bit of a waste and takes more time that just flying through I find
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    Bld visualization?

    So right now I use sentence memo for corners, and audio edges for 3bld. I don't really see that changing, it works great But for bigBLD/multi it's hard with sentences. I know I should be using images, but for the same reason I didn't start with them on 3 bld, when I close my eyes and really try...
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    VHLS for OH?

    Looking down the list a lot of those Algs actually look pretty good imo. I think that looking at it as learning a huge alg set is unfair though. Most of the Algs are just solving the pair in different ways which can help efficiency too. A lot of Algs are the same except for something like...
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    VHLS for OH?

    Sune OLL? Interesting... I already know full OLL so I think I'm good. I'm a little confused about what that is though.