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    Yuxin Little Magic M Review!

    Nice review
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    How to be sub 20

    Please dont slow down see i am a sub 20 i know how to be sub 20. First i learnt advanced f2l tricks that is the MOST helpful. Brody the cuber has awsm videos on it. The other thing is plan the cross in your head and on very easy crosses try planning first pair too. Look ahead is an important...
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    What's your PB 3x3 single?

    11.3 but i average around 17.50
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    YJ MGC 2x2, A Storm??

    Pls watch my review on this cube on my channel. It's worth watching.
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    I am very confused which 3x3 cube should I buy, GTS3M or Dayan Tengyun M. Please help me I am going for Indian Nationals and I want a better cube.
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    [Member Intro] Hi everybody

    I am a cuber from India, I have been cubing since 7 months and i am currently sub 18
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    [Member Intro] Member Intro

    Hi Everybody