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    The 3x3x3 Example Solve Thread

    Scramble: B D' F2 R D U2 F' B L B U' F' B U D' F' L2 B2 U2 B U' F' L' R' B' CF orient bottom corners: x' z' L U2 L' U L orient upper corners: U' R2 U R U2 R U2 R permute all corners: x2 R U2 R' U' R U2 l U R' U' l 3/4 left hand side edges: z' L2 U L2 R2 x2 U' L' U L2 R2 x2 U' L' U' L R' x U z2...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Although timed by a keybord, still a big achievement for me. I think I have reached my limit for Ortega. 1. 4.12 * F R F' U R U' F U R' U2 2. 3.21 * R F R2 F' R F2 R F U 3. 4.64 * R U' R F2 U' R' U F2 U2 4. 3.21 * U' F R' U2 R2 F R' U' F2 U' 5. 3.92 * U2 R' F U F' U R' 6. 4.06 * F' U F2...
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    Popbuying Deal Thread : Discounts as of June 14th, 2010

    If you pay via PayPal, it doesn't matter what currency you are using. They will be converted to euros when you pay. You can choose which exchange rate you want to use, PayPal's or you bank's. I would recommend choosing your bank's, because PayPal uses unfair exchange rates. By default you are...
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    The CTRL + V game

    1. F2 U2 F' R' U2 R' F' U R' 2. R2 U' R' F R' F 3. R' F' U R' U R' U F' U' 4. F' U R' U' F R2 F R2 U...
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    Cubes @ Prague, Czech Republic

    Hi, I personaly dont think that there is an extra cube related store in the Prague but I dont live in the Prague a long time so im not sure. I only know some puzzle stores including a stuff like chess, cubes, card games, table games etc. I dont know how much are the cubes in the Germany but...
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    The 3 People you must thank

    3.) my neighbour / Matyas Kuti / Ron van Bruchem my neighbour - very first person who gave an idea to solve a rubiks cube Matyas Kuti - inspirating man in blindsolving Ron van Bruchem - always gave me an answer when I asked him for a cubing-related stuff 2.) Katsuyuki Konishi /...
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    how to pronounce "fridrich"??

    I will try to explain her right pronounciation. It will be difficult for you american-speaking people because you dont have as accent of "r" and "ch" as czech people do. Also "f" is a slightly different in czech. F - like fantastic R - like (harder) rabbit I - like invent D - like diagnose CH -...
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    how to pronounce "fridrich"??

    I personaly propose to pronounce it "fridrich". Actually, I am pretty sure about that because both me and she (he) are the same nationality.
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    The Best of YouTube

    One of the best videos I have ever seen on youtube. Also with great music. Backflip on the tree isn´t seen every day, especially on bicycle!!
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    Probability of last step for Ortega (2x2)

    Can anyone explain me what is probability to get each case for last step of Ortega? There are 6 cases (first one is solved cube, five are with algs.) and I hardly think that solved case (or R2 F2 R2) is as frequently as the other cases.
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    Czech Open 2009

    It´s not "Pradubice" but Pardubice. You can find your train here: - button for English version is in the middle of site on the right hand side. And name of railway station is: Pardubice hlavni nadrazi (Pardubice main station)
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    Waffles is back to cubing!

    If I´m not wrong, you are the man who wants to touch a cactus in a corner instead of fruit bar? Anyway, welcome back!
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    what does a second number denote?

    Aha, thanks for explanation.
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    what does a second number denote?

    Hi, RUR'URU2R' (7,8): first number = number of moves, but what is represented by a second number?
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    CORNERS FIRST HELP!!!! I hope it will be useful