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    [NR] Sei Sugama 43.34 5x5 Single

    This puts him at 7th in the world. He also got a 23.72 4x4 NR single in the same comp. Congrats!
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    [AsR] Makoto Takaoka - 7.74 Square-1 Average

    I'm asking him to change the settings, it should be able to be seen again soon Also it can be still seen on YouTube P.S. It can be seen now
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    [AsR] Makoto Takaoka - 7.74 Square-1 Average

    (7.31), (10.64+), 8.18+, 7.58, 7.45 = 7.74 Congrats to him for getting his second AsR!
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    X-man Galaxy V2 L M first impressions with 36.13 solve

    This megaminx is excellent for those with moderate to larger hands. I'm already considering about using this at a comp this weekend.
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    [Review] MoYu Aohun Megaminx Review (Also of the magnetized one I made)

    It was tight out of the box and loosening the tensions definitely improved the performance. Without the magnets, the turning has some friction similar to the Galaxy. The weight is noticeably lighter than the Galaxy which I like, because the magnetic Galaxy was a little too heavy to do long...
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    MoYu Aohun Megaminx Unboxing

    I used 3x1 n35 for the corners and two on them each for the edges, simply because I was able to buy a lot of 3x1 n35s for a cheap price. I have put up a solve video and a review in the puzzle reviews section, so feel free to check them out!
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    MoYu Aohun Megaminx Unboxing

    First impressions: It was very tight out of the box, and the megaminx was slow and hard to turn. Loosening the tensions solved these problems and the megaminx is now fast and cornercuts well. It has a unique feel when holding it in the hands, because it has convex surfaces that are not present...
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    Yuxin Little Magic Megaminx V2 Review

    I guess I am one of the fastest people to get this, so I thought I would give it a try on making a review. This is the first time I'm making a review like this, so the video might be awkward. PS. I thought there were too little information in the video, so here is a written review. First...