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    [Help Thread] 4x4 Discussion and Help

    Tips for 4x4: -get a good 4x4 like the Aosu gts 2 or the Valk 4m. if your going budget wise, go for an mf4 (fast but locky) or the Qiyi Qiyuan -learn Yau. the best 4x4ers use Yau and it is (in my opinion) better than Redux(reduction) -Look-ahead on 4x4, which is harder than 3x3 because there are...
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    TimerCube v0.1 (Java)

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    TimerCube v0.1 (Java)

    How about some pictures?
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    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    well here's my list of 2x2 t perms algs 1. J perm {(R U R') F' (R U R' U') R' F R2 U' R'} 2. T perm {(R U R' U') R' F R2 U' R' U' (R U R') F'} 3. y' Rb perm {(R' U2 R) U2 R' F (R U R' U') R' F' R2 U'} 4. Ra perm {(R U R') F' (R U2 R') U2 R' F R U (R U2 R')} or {R U' R' U' R U R D R' U' R D'...
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    [Member Intro] Hi, I'm new here.

    Welcome to Tudor! (btw I subbed)
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    What Is your Main 3x3? Poll

    the reason why the "other" section is winning is because you didn't include too many cubes
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    CFOP tutorial

    ok, so we can all agree that there are 119 common and basic cases that you can memorize so I'll change that and possibly make a video on smashing my GTS. ...
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    CFOP tutorial

    I said "240 for advanced CFOP". advanced F2L has 164 algs its self (advanced F2L has pairs in the other slots and different cases on the in different positions.) (like the normal insert alg for f2l is U R U' R' or you might do R' F R F' but either way they're pretty much the same. so advanced...
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    CFOP tutorial

    I mainly made this because of somebody that messaged me. they wanted me to teach them cfop and this was the closest way to make a tutorial for him/her. . . well first of all CFOP includes 119 algs to memorize. (special "thanks" to wombatwarrior17, Thom s. and cubeblazer) I've memorized about...
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    [Help Thread] Colour Neutrality Discussion

    Is it worth learning it and how do you do it? if your wondering, I'm sub 25
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    What's your PB 3x3 single?

    16.91 (ik, you guys are all sub 15 and I'm still sub 25) edit: oh yeah, I broke it with a QJ candy. (my new main is a Weilong Gts3m)
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    I'm a sub 25 solver using CFOP and the Weilong GTS 3m edit: now I'm sub-17.50 lol edit2: now...

    I'm a sub 25 solver using CFOP and the Weilong GTS 3m edit: now I'm sub-17.50 lol edit2: now I'm sub-15 lolol edit3: now I'm sub 11 lololol