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    State of computer solving

    So I'm beginning work on a computer solver that will be targeted at the megaminx (though it will be general-purpose). I've been away from speedcubing for quite some time- I was last really active in 2011. It seems ksolve has been inactive for ~2 years according to the Github repo...
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    Find your best cube

    That assumes that solving times are iid draws from a normal rv, and that variance is equal across both cubes. This is incorrect. Solving times are highly skewed (long tailed to the right). Solving times also will improve over the course of a session, we all know this from experience. We also...
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    Floppy minx?

    wait people who remember floppy disks are old? ****
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    Megaminx Methods?

    Practice each way, see what works best for you. I learned in a particular order- I solve f2l, extended a face with 2 edges, solved the 3 new slots, etc. CCW starting at a particular color. I'm switching to what you're doing, though- Balint-style and no set order. It seems to be a matter of...
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    [UWR] 128x128x128 solve

    Still with the computer puzzles, huh? Some things never change. I'm excited for the streams.
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    [WR] Yu Da-Hyun - Megaminx 37.83 Single, 42.89 Average and 44.63 Average

    Wooow. Go Yu! Absolutely destroyed those WRs. Glad to see her get em.
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    I'm (sorta) new

    I figure 4 years away from this site is long enough to warrant another intro, heh. Bunch of you know me, but I'm a bit different now...I'm now Ms. Cameron. Part of my time away was focusing on myself and transitioning as a trans woman. I did some university work in my time away in applied...
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    Colorado Springs Open 2015

    I'd love to go, but I'd need to catch a ride with someone coming from Boulder or Denver, I don't have a car. I'd be willing to help plan, I helped out with Boulder '08/'09 and Denver '10.
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    Having trouble relating to the cubing community

    Being gay isn't bad, but having someone call you gay, intending to hurt you and degrade you, that's bad. It's less the word itself than the emotion behind it. It's also being called something that person is not.
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    Having trouble relating to the cubing community

    If you really want to get into it, there are several things going on. There's an issue of rights. Sure, with some restrictions, people can say whatever they want. The constitutional right of freedom of speech allows most expression. That doesn't mean that someone is free to say whatever...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Finally did enough solves on my Gigaminx that it's broken in enough for fingertricks. yesss
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    The state of speedcubing

    Stefan and I understand each other pretty well, I think :P it's y'alls fault for not being precise enough!
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    Prisma Puzzle Timer

    I'm not the author, but... Are you downloading it and saving it to the System32 folder? If so- don't. Put it on your desktop to start with. If not- if you go to that folder in the error (C:\Windows\System32\), is there a file called puzzletimer.lock.db?
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    Probability Thread

    Thanks for the explanation and the link, Chris. Good stuff to know.
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    Probability Thread

    Could you elaborate on the details of those expressions/is thit correct? 24 possible orientations of the "target' corner? FWIW I don't think that there's an issue of content, but one of tone. Stefan meant to teach, and OP didn't see that so it came off as abrasive. The dangers of text...