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    ksolve+ v1.0 - general-purpose algorithm finder

    Using openMP Kåre is in Manilla for a month so I'm not sure if he will respond here, but I can just tell how I've used openMP to parallelize my own little cube solver. My basic searchFunction looks like this. The pragma call will split the for-loop to be run on as many threads as there are...
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    Swedish Championship 2013

    Thanks to cubecomps you will be able to see live results from the competition here:
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    Swedish Championship 2013

    Hi! Registration has opened for this years swedish championship. It's open for people of all nationalities but of course only swedish citizens can become the swedish champion. :) This year the championship will be held in Gothenburg, and it takes place at September 14-15th. We will have...
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    Swedish Championships 2012 - October 6-7th, 2012

    Hi! It's time for the swedish championships again, and this time it takes place in Vårgårda instead of Stockholm. We have had two competitions in Vårgårda before and they have worked out well, and also the venue is much cheaper. We're having all official events except the magics. If...
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    Norwegian Championship 2012

    Awesome,Simon. I'm happy to have seen it live :)
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    Vårgårda Open 2012 (Sweden)

    No problem, just be sure to unregister from any event that you might feel that you won't participate, once you've descided. It helps a lot when planning the schedule to know the number of participants in each event.
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    Vårgårda Open 2012 (Sweden)

    Hi! I can hereby announce the swedish competition Vårgårda Open 2012, which will take place in Vårgårda (big surprise :) ), the 21-22 of July. You can register here: We will have a limit of 60 participants and will try to...
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    Danish Open 2012

    Yay, count me in! :) Just gotta get a few days of vacation before registering.
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    [Music] Metal thread \m/

    Another great swedish band is Cult of Luna. Don't really know what to call it. Post-Metal?
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    [Music] Metal thread \m/

    Amen to that! Necrophagist's riffs are among the most creative I've heard. Fermented Offal Discharge is a favourite. (Yeah, I know, tha song title is pretty silly :P) I'm generally a fan of progressive/creative/weird metal, such as Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan, Opeth and Blotted Science...
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    WCA Statistics Website

    The times that seemingly can't be gotten on stackmats nowadays are possible on older timers. My timer is from 2005 and I can get 13.37, 9.99, 0.99, 1.00, 1.01 etc. Maybe most (if not all) 13.37 was obtained with older timers? By some weird reason it seems as they went from a perfectly fine...
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    Vårgårda Open June 18-19 (Sweden)

    Might be possible, if you're prepared to do the 2nd attempt during some other events. I'll take a look at the time table.
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    Legalize Marijuana?

    I agree. The ammount of deaths, destroyed lifes, unjust imprisonments etc. that governments all over the world are responsible for is one of the biggest scandals in the world today. All for the purpose of fighting "bad moral/health", it seems. Most of the crimes connected to drugs are created...
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    Vårgårda Open June 18-19 (Sweden)

    A preliminary schedule is up now. Changes might be made when we know more exactly how many participants there will be in each event.
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    Race to 15/15 multi-BLD

    This is a great idea. I've been planning at trying 10 cubes, which I think is my limit at the moment for a sub-hour multi, but I never get my thumb out of my posterior. This might motivate me more. :) Personally I think 5 min/cube is pretty realistic, since I've done 6/7 in 33min, so if I just...