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    duckisepic's progression thread | NEW 4x4 pb of 1:03.32! (Week three of practising 4x4)

    Wow an average of 100 would take me probably 2 hours lol. Super cool to see that your times are almost always under your goal now.
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    Questions for old cubers!

    I just cubed for a month or so when I was around middle school age (probably around 2005). I think my dad gave me it for a birthday or something. Never knew that cubing was a thing people did competitively, so I just had fun with it. Didn't know about any forums or any advanced methods- so I...
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    Nico's Progression Thread | grinding 4-5 during holidays |

    That's awesome, congrats on hitting your 5x5 goal!
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    Goldenshadow177's Progression Thread

    Recorded a 56.69 solve this morning using the beginner's method I learned from cubeskills! The last week I've been practicing color neutrality and starting to solve for the cross on the bottom of the cube. It's been taking me more time to solve the cross, corner, and middle layer edges as a...
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    Brainwave reading during a OH solve.

    Wow what a cool idea!
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    Alex's Progression Thread

    Wow that's awesome! Congrats!
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    Goldenshadow177's Progression Thread

    Hi everyone, here's my progression thread! Had a Rubik's cube for a bit growing up and learned the beginner's method to solve it. Fast forward 10 years and I picked it up again after being inspired by some the middle-school students I was teaching at the time. It's been four years since then and...
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    Teaching Felik's Beginner's Method

    Finished up part 4 and 5- learned a lot from making the videos- definitely feel like I've internalized the beginner's method as a result. In case I ever forget how to solve Rubik's cube again will be cool to have these videos to look back on as well! Part 4: Orienting the Last Layer Part 5...
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    [Member Intro] Hi everyone! I'm Steve (15.45 3x3 PB)

    Welcome, 20 cubes is impressive! I just joined as well- cool to see how much you've learned in 6 months!
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    Teaching Felik's Beginner's Method

    Going over part 3 of Feliks Zemdeg's beginner's method- the second layer edges!
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    Teaching Felik's Beginner's Method

    Thanks- having a great time back at it so far!
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    Teaching Felik's Beginner's Method

    Here's me going over Part 2 of the beginner's method using notes I took from the course. Definitely noticing it's helping me understand things better to have to try and explain it haha. Beginner's Method Part 2: Solving the first layer corners.
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    [Member Intro] Hello from Goldenshadow!

    My grandpa would bring a box of cheez-its every time we'd go fishing and I'd usually down the whole thing haha- so that's a yes! I watched the first season of attack on titan and was super sucked in, I'm guessing at some point I'll catch back up and finish the series too! My favorite anime/manga...
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    Teaching Felik's Beginner's Method

    Hey Everyone, couple days back into cubing now and feeling super inspired to solve and learn! I know that teaching others is one of the best ways to learn and internalize something, so I made this video quickly breaking down how Feliks recommends to solve the first layer cross on
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    [Member Intro] Hello from Goldenshadow!

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! Yeah I've been loving cubeskills- super straightforward and makes it very easy to learn. Was planning on learning CFOP after the beginners method because there are tutorials for it on cubeskills, but I'll have to check out roux method as well!