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    Master Magic "Personalized"

    yeah :D it takes me 30minutes to restring this master magic.. but all it's worth it after I finished it :D
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    Master Magic "Personalized"

    My First Personalized Master Magic :D edited in "Photoshop CS4" Thanks for watching rubik's magic soon :D
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    WR singe 6.63 Rodrigo Gomez - Chile (typo)

    waaah!! Congrats! Can't wait to see the video :D
  4. GIULIANO0419 (any advice..)

    oh thank you very much for your "advice". I will later edit my blog :D again thank you :D
  5. GIULIANO0419 (any advice..)

    anyone there ? :( please help :(
  6. GIULIANO0419 (any advice..)

    Here is my blog: I know I need to change something on my blog, can you help me guys on how I can improve my blog? any advices?
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    [Unofficial] Stefan Huber 3x3 avg of 5 : 10.25

    wow NICE SOLVE! there so many sub 10 this month :D
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    [Unofficial] 45.96 Megaminx Solve by Simon Westlund

    @SimonWestlund Very NICE solve :D keep it up @Kickflip1993 My time is over. no more minxing for me ever what?? no more minxing forever ??!! don't give up...
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    3x3, Guhong vs Lingyun vs something else.

    QJ Megaminx is a MEFFERTS CLONE so it is like mefferts but it has a wierd scheme and it's center piece has a QJ named on all center :D
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    3x3, Guhong vs Lingyun vs something else.

    I think MF8 MEGAMINX type 2 is better and good choice :D Because MEFFERTS megaminx is heavy, hard to mod and to maintain but good in speedcubing. while MF8 type 1 megaminx is also good in speedcubing, but only if it is moded like MEFFERTS.
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    SpeedSolving the megaminx

    @Louis McDonald You can learn some megaminx last layer algorithms here: http:// for MEGAMINX F2L: http:// and for MEGAMINX S2L http:// I hope it helps...
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    What is the best brand of Megaminx???

    moded mf8 type 1 :D
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    [WR] Balint Bodor 47.53 Megaminx single

    that was a great solve!!! combined edge and corner pll in 1 ALGORITHM ?? that was so nice :)
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    What type of megaminx is this?

    It was really a QJ megaminx with Skidproof stickers. And the edges have a hole as seen in the picture. I've seen 3 QJ megaminx that they sell. 1 with tiles 2 with pet stickers 3 with and skidproof stickers