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    Windows 7 RC

    So that means as long as you leave the date on your pc set to the 2009 year, you will be ok? nice :D though you might have some issues with documents you sort by date or emails... :(
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    Cubing Word Association

    Clock World Record
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    Any new news on world championship 2009?

    Ouch Germany :( Going to Germany from Korea is usually expensive. Unless there is a huge price decrease in airlines, I will have to skip this one ㅜㅜ I was so excited about Hong-Kong... :s
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    Chinese cube sighting

    Sorry about the poor quality of the picture~~ And yes, it has been a long time since I last came here ^^
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    Chinese cube sighting

    Hi, I am on a trip to China now and I found this. ;-) It's about the 2010 Expo in Shanghai. See you! Gilles
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    3x3 BLD device

    Well, they also limit the number of events per competitor to 4 in that competition. Not sure if that's compliant with wca rules or not, but... that's the way they do it.
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    3x3 BLD device

    Oh thanks ^^
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    3x3 BLD device

    First: YES :D :D Second: YES :) :) :) I am looking forward to being the 3rd non-Japanese citizen to win an event in a competition held in Japan (I am talking about the Magic of course :p) Though I am working on BLD again now. ;-) ;-) Third: I am pretty sure it is not translucid...
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    3x3 BLD device

    Hi! I just got an e-mail from the organizers of the Osaka Open and they are going to use a special device for the 3x3 BLD event. I think it is nicely done. I just hope it does not interfere with the actual solving by not making it...
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    Let's play...

    True! The person below me slept 4 hours on the ground the last time he slept, then stayed up for more than 24 hours... (I love Korean life :D :D)
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    Rubik's Cube Security Gadget

    Source: Quote: "Could you imagine if you had to solve a Rubik's cube every time you had to access your email?" My answer is YES :D :D
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    Belgian Open 2008 - Results

    In the 3x3 1st round - 3rd group, 2 scrambles had incredible crosses for Fridrich solvers. I will post scrambles later on. (3x3 1st round 3rd group & Blindfolded). I had lots of fun this week-end meeting everyone again. I managed to do better than Lars in the 2nd round but messed up the...
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    Let's play...

    True, I am here. The person below me broke more than 1 world record this week-end.
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    Let's play...

    False (I have a lot of Chinese Megaminx in stock, if anyone is interested :p) The person below me will take part in a competition next week-end. :) :)
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    The Person Above Me...

    The person above me is a person. (Sorry for this insightful message :D)