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    Iphone Vs Android

    Android is like iOS with a built in jailbreak! :D I prefer android over iOS, but thats all my personal thoughts. I like the way it looks, i like the things you can do with it, and I hate apples way of restricting everything just because they are cool etc. But at the same time I have to admit...
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    You could easily put them inside a cup, box or other, fireresistant thing you have around. Then close it with something, so the flame gets choked (I dont know, if choke is the right word, but I hope you know what I mean ;) ).
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    I've watched the same video some time ago, and made quite a few of these balls. The main thing when playing with these things is that you keep moving them all the time. Also it might be good for your safety to use them outdoors. Has anyone tried to make larger balls? (Tennis or golfball size?)
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    Meffert's Professor Pyraminx

    Those nails :O But its a cool puzzle anyway, lets see what the final version will be like!
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    rubik's cube 1980 ideal unopened

    I'd also be interested, but it would be helpful to know, what price you are looking for . . .
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    Rubik's Clock Cleanup

    Hey everyone, first of all, sorry for that bump. But instead of opening a new thread, I thought I'd better add something to this one. Has anyone ever scanned the clock inserts or made custom ones? I have the popbuying clock and don't really like the look of its inserts. It turns really great...
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    Lightake - Always Best Cubes with Best Price, Try now!

    I'd also love to buy one! Besides I wanted to say that you are doing a great job right now!
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    Where can I get a silver cube?

    Or They have a "metal cube".
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    Contacting Cube4You?

    As I remeber, James doesn't reply to e-mails due to spam and stuff like that. The only way I ever got into contact with him was MSN, it worked really well!
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    This is probably the best news today! I loved popbuying, but I'm not willing to pay via anything besides PayPal, so I probably am going to order from your shop . . .
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    Buying Jig-A-Loo spray to israel

    I guess lots of people outside the US don't use either Jig-A-Loo or CRC, I myself use the spray I could get most easily. Just try different brands that they sale at your local hardware store, one thing you've gotta look for, is, that it doesn't have ingredients which destroy plastic . . .
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    Very confused with OH

    Just solve it like you'd normally do - if you are using CFOP, use CFOP, if you are a Roux'er . . . You might want to learn additional algorithms, because some "normal" ones aren't very fingertrickable for OH. Why do you want to use your right hand?
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    Erik on German TV

    I took quiet some time, but it was also a fun thing to do! It was part of my motivation to show she isn't as crazy as it seemed ;).
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    Maru 4x4 Unboxing

    Why didn't you post in here? It's not that much of a review . . .
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    Erik on German TV

    If you translate it word by word, probably yes. I checked it now and "ready, steady, go" should be alright . . . Read my translation, maybe? ;)