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    One-Answer WCA Competition and Regulations Question Thread

    Article 5 of the regulations covers puzzle defects. I'd suggest that you read the whole thing, both since its pretty short and because any cuber should be pretty familiar with the regulations. Either way, here are the main parts of it: Regulation section 5b3 covers what you're allowed to do...
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    3x3 scrambler experiment

    I found a way to solve the cube in the <Rw,Uw> moveset a little over a year ago. Corners can be solved normally, and centers can be solve with a set up move and a wide uperm to cycle them. My main issue was finding a way to solve edges. Eventually I found a really long 3 cycle: 3 wide u-perms...
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    True OH

    I got 2:50 with a 16.85 ao5 My hand gets fatigued so much. I think if I tried again with a good surface for scrambling table abuse (I'm not at my desk rn), I might be able to push for 2:30, but getting much faster would be pretty tough, since that would require less than 30s per...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    some 3x3 sessioning today 9.55 ao12 9.77 ao25 10.17 ao50 10.44 ao100 sub10 is well within reach. hoping to close in in the next few weeks
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    ZZ-CT progression thread (Git Gud CT)

    yw huge congrats for breaking the 14s barrier; you're improving really quickly!
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    Blindsolving stamina

    I've tried to 3bld session before, but its just so exhausting at my level (I average 3-5 minutes). I spend so much energy making sure my memo is correct and then especially if I mess it up, I really don't feel like spending another 5 minutes doing another solve, likely not getting a completed...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Finally broke 13 for oh ao12: Generated By csTimer on 2021-05-16 avg of 12: 12.92 Time List: 1. 11.88 B' L2 R2 D2 F D2 U2 B' L2 F' U2 L' B' D2 F D2 U R2 2. 12.30 U2 B' U L2 B2 L2 F2 D2 L2 D R2 D B2 D2 B' L2 D' R' F L U' 3. 12.52 R2 F' B2 D R2 U2 D' B' F2 R2 L U2 B2 L2 F2 R D2 R' U2 D2...
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    Who Do You think will win worlds 2021

    bill wang is really fast guys
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    All 24 rubik's cube orientations

    this is an important list definitely going on my bookmark list
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    Pb thread(any method)

    Fun fact, this thread directly goes against the forum rules!
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    How Many Events to Focus on at 1 Time

    1. IMO no. I have never been one to hop on the bandwagon of new hardware so keep that in mind, but after I've gotten a reasonable puzzle for a WCA event, especially one that I don't practice too much, I'm probably not going to upgrade it. For example, I have a Moyu skweb with ball bearings...
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    Community Feedback: how can the site improve?

    I just checked and it's still broken, at least when I look at it. Thanks! Definitely not. There's ample space in signatures, and there's already slots in the profile page.
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    Speedsolving All-Event Ladder Tournament! |

    @BenChristman1 I challenge you to megaminx
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    Speedsolving All-Event Ladder Tournament! |

    I beat @Paul.Mz in megaminx 5-0. @ProStar I challenge you to megaminx. @virginia I challenge you to 3x3.
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    I think i've been putting too little dnm in my oh cube -- like a quarter of a drop instead of a...

    I think i've been putting too little dnm in my oh cube -- like a quarter of a drop instead of a full drop, so it feels much better now. Hopefully I can do some oh sessioning tomorrow and not pb, but get something decent, maybe sub15 (maybe on camera too)