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    what event are you best at?

    The cool thing about knichranks is that it doesn't matter how many other people compete in the event! All that it does is directly compare your results to the WR without looking at anyone else. However, your 3x3 actually has a better kinchrank than your clock (49 vs 51) anyway.
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    What cubes should be removed from the WCA?

    1. I'm really glad that I missed this discussion because of vacation. 2. I'm even more glad that all the 11 year olds on speedsolving don't determine which events are added and removed in the WCA.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    OH: 9.28 vgj single 4th sub 10, half a second off PB. Also a sub13 mo3: 12.93 (12.25, 12.88, 13.66). Those are always nice, about .8 seconds off PB. 15.60 mo212 and 15.44 ao100, both of which are pretty good considering I haven't been able to do an actual session of OH in about a month and...
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    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    I don't know to what you are referring by starting your sentence with "while", but I can try to give you comprehensive "better" LL. (EDIT: This was before the threads got merged and the other quote showed up) If you want to try to stay with the main path that you're currently on, fruruf and...
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    A terrible idea

    Have you actually tried assembling a cube into an unsolved but solvable state? I think there's only a 1/12 chance (2(edge flipped)x2(edge swapped)x3(corner twisted)[note that a corner swap is the same as an edge swap minus the Y-perm, and that if both occur it's just BLD parity]) for the pieces...
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    Why did CFOP become the go to method?

    Well, it wasn't the least efficient method, and it still isn't bad, move-count wise. When CFOP was developed, neither Roux or ZZ had been invented. Petrus was around I think, so that was a competing method. The main reason CFOP is popular is because it is a really really good extension from...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    OH ao12 is finally sub 14: 13.97 (12.88, 15.20, (10.78), 17.03, (20.11), 14.78, 13.44, 12.47,12.24, 12.13, 18.04, 11.48) Also had a good run of 5/mo3 (and it was in the ao12 too!1!!) 12.28: (12.47, 12.24, 12.13, (18.04), (11.48)) but this one didn't break anything cous aym 2 fazt (12.0 ao5...
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    How Many Solves I Need To Do Per Day?

    This is factually incorrect, as I have been improving steadily in OH with, large, non daily, sporadic sessions. However, it probably isn't the best was to go about it. Sometimes I'll not do any serious solving for a week or two, do a session and improve by .2 seconds out of nowhere. But, if I...
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    Fastest 3x3 podium ever: 19.01 (Warm Up Sidney)

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Tymon's first solve of finals was Mitch.
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    few example solves using my version of roux4beginners.

    Notes: I only watched 1 minute of the video and I skimmed the written tutorial. These comments will be about the written tutorial.
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    EO step movecount?

    Average is for EOL is 6.1 moves. Max I think is 9 Max for EO should be 7 but I think it's 6. Superflip - F U R B L' D' F It's kinda on the ZZ wiki page.
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    What makes an event good and which one is the best

    So, I won't take any argument, but I think that at least some form of an explanation from your point of view is in order. OP asked that people say why events are better than others and that it shouldn't just be because it's your favourite. For me, my favorite events are 3x3, OH, Feet, and...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    The OLL is for that case is exactly what you did except the last two moves are inverted M’ U M U2 M’ U M' // You EO solution M’ U M U2 M’ U' M // The standard OLL There's also R U R' U' M' U R U' Rw' and its inverse. Nice solve btw.
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    Accomplishment Thread

    6.91 PB and first sub 7. Previous was 7.47 woahj Could have done a ZBLL, but my alg association wasn't great and I was at something stupid like 4.5 so I just did COLL (diag H) to EPLL. E: 8.95 mo3 (9.04, 6.91, 10.90) First sub 9 off of a 9.07 from probably 2017