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    [Member Intro] New member from Singapore

    Hey, I’m from Singapore as well, former NR holder We have a telegram group for cubing stuff locally, as well as a semi regular weekly meetup thing going on Link to join: As for which NR might be easy? Probably nothing aside from clock, no one is...
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    6x6x6 edges only scrambler?

    qqtimer, maybe?
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    [Help Thread] Correcting turning style

    I can use modern cubes, its that I have bad habits that still remain even when using modern hardware, dude
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    460 is decent, just probably not worth the price when there's Aosus and Quwues around
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    [Help Thread] Correcting turning style

    Hey guys, anyone able to advice on correcting our own turning style/have experience at such for those of us that started pre 2009? Before the dayan and stuff. Apparently I have a lot of bad habits due to old hardware(Such as doing a partial R' before executing an R, which maybe others dont have)...
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    Dayan Lunhui 2017

    Just saying, the photo says Dayan Zhanchi 2017 on the box
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    [Help Thread] Lubrication Thread

    Anyone tried adding slik to a cube already lubed with angstrom stuffs? Whats the result like?
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    Magnets Discussion and Help thread

    WHat do people typically use in the Yuxin little magic?
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    Famous Cuber Watch

    For a moment I thought this thread was about watches famous cubers wear at comps
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    The Japanese Color Scheme User's Thread

    I recall a website from very long ago, but am unable to find it now :( Edit: I've found the site, yay :
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    How many Youtube subscribers do YOU have?

    Exactly 11, only uploaded some solves on there, so its to be expected
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    6x6 and 7x7 race thread!

    Round 5 7x7 Goal: Sub 2:50 Somehow really rusty at the moment, tried working on big cubes several times in the past, but to no avail. A few of the solves were pretty good, though RIP consistency Ao12: 2:59.44 Time List: 1. 2:55.98 2. 2:57.91 3. 3:10.39 4. (2:48.95) 5. 2:49.22 6. 2:52.46 7...
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    [AsR] Janelle Loh - 6x6 Single 1:32.40

    0.46 off AsR mean as well... She should really learn full OLL. At least Singapore now has a CR
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    How about using the Hiragana script as lettering scheme?

    Sounds similar to 彳亍 a memo method using chinese "sounds"