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    Ghost hand I vs. II

    So does anyone here actually have a ghosthand I and II?
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    and as far as 4x4's ive heard really good things about meffert's, and i do know that the rubik's revenge is absolutely awful, it has the amazing ability to lock up for every single turn that u attempt to make
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    Cubing Word Association

    sauce (noobsauce)
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    Should I learn algorithms for F2L?

    i wouldnt bother learning all of them, just look for the ones that are hard/inefficient to do intuitively
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    New v-cubes

    first off does anyone know when the 8-11 or any from that set will be released???????????
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    im not sure how good ur computer is so heres a couple that you can try(fair warning: some of them really suck :p)
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Like sn3akypandaman said, work on f2l because it can always be faster and its a huge part of every solve.
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    It's Here - The Rubik's Pepper Grinder

    rof2l :D:D:D
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    Speedcubers on Skype

    btw some people have a skype link in their profile (the little gray X) (ie. nitrocan)
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    It's Here - The Rubik's Pepper Grinder

    i wonder if those are type A's or type D's???
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    ARGH damn you dan brown!

    All Brown's vids do is breed noobdom and extreme slowness. :( lol this reminds me of Thrawst's "cubing heaven" video
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    What's your favorite pie?

    Gotta go with apple pie (and vanilla ice cream) or pretty much any kind that has chocolate in it. :D
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    Cubing Word Association

    iron man needmoreletters
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    F2L Help; locating the correct peices

    in addition to all that was said above, your recognition will improve over time with practice, don't worry :) (but yes slow/metronome solving does help a lot)
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    First sub 60

    lol since when is 51 a significant barrier :p