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    Easy / Lucky / Funny / Hard / Weird scrambles thread

    L2 D L D' R2 F' B2 D' R' B U' B2 R L2 U F B' L U' F2 B2 R L' B R' Sub 15 2 Look PLL :O:O:O:O OLL skip and easy as hell cases. Cross on D Not sure about solution, but it was really easy last 3 F2L and OLL skipped.
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    [Unofficial] Mike Hughey 2-7 Relay BLD near miss

    Fail or not, you never fail to impress.
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    UK Open 2009

    I haven't planned anything so far, not sure if I am coming on my own or not yet.
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    UK Open 2009

    Everything but 360, I have entered. Can't wait!!!!
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    [WR] Syuhei Omura 444 single 39.28

    Incredible solve. Congratulations!
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    coolest cube in the world is........

    As in Rubik's Cube? If not, probably my house.
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    Dealextreme hate it or like it

    It says 10 working days, which is 2 weeks, so you can't blame them. :fp
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    Dealextreme hate it or like it

    Hate is a strong word. I like it. Good price, good puzzles. Fast shipping.
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    UK Cubing Lubricant

    I will most likely not find it in Wales, but if someone could sell me a can in UK open 09 I would be most grateful. EDIT: No worries I found some online. Hopefully I can order and get some soon enough.
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    Goals Thread

    Sub 1.5 Magic Avg - September 1st 2009
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    UK masters

    Great competition, well the first day anyway!
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    Your best time, a skip or no?

    I don't count my PLL skip time when I say to other people most of the time, since they don't understand it. To other cubers I say my PLL skip is my best time. But I like to talk averages mostly.
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    The 3 People you must thank

    Hadley Sheffield: One of the first people I saw speedcubing on a forum nearly 2 years ago. My inspiration to start. Thank you. Breandan Vallance: The first person I ever saw solving the cube in person at UK Open 08. Very fast, and I hope someday I will be close to that level. Badmephisto...
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    Rubik's 30th anniversary

    I wouldn't think so. Guess I have to wait until I am 37.
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    R.I.P. Michael Jackson

    Rest in peace.