GAN 356 X

I am speed cuber who averages about 17-20 seconds

2x2 main: YJ Yupo pb 1.3

3x3 main: GAN 356 X pb 12.086

Skewb main: X-man wingy pb

Megaminx main: X-man Galaxy V2 Lux set, with sculpted tiles pb 3:50.448

Pyraminx: Ive no idea what it is pb 10.461

Back up 3x3: Moyu Weilong Gts2m and YLM stock

4x4 main GTS2M pb, average around 1:20-1:28

5x5 main Huanglong M, pb, average 3:00
Somewhere in the cubing universe
3x3 Method


Learning Full OLL. I use CFOP and main a GAN X, my pb single is 11.284 (D2 F' L2 B U2 F' D2 R2 D2 R2 F R2 L' B' U L U2 R' F2 U' L'). I like dogs, table tennis, and tennis. I average 16-18 seconds on 3x3, 4.5-5.2 on 2x2 (I know, I'm inconsistent), 1:12 on 4x4, 2:40 on 5x5, 12 on pyraminx, 1:40 on square-1, 6:10 on 6x6, 11 on 7x7 and I don't care about any other events. Feel free to race me in any event!