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    video youtube without views count

    Possible or impossible ?
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    Feliks Zemdegs: 1.80 Official 2x2 Average [Cape Town 2014]

    Maybe with my game without the help of his cube... GG
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    When was your first 3BLD success?

    Fraud, magic or official, I'm the first one and I revived the cube when he was dead. It was easy for me to buy the domain name because the cube was dead when I got on the web. I placed a picture of a national championship in 1982 in Toronto exactly the same place as the...
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    When was your first 3BLD success?

    I'm the first one BLD probably on the web or tv too
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    What's the fastest method for 3x3?

    The biggest no name too :p The cube was asleep none media Fridrich too when I arrived
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    [WR] Rami Sbahi 1.69 2x2 average

    I love the 2x2, it's the heart Excellent congradulation
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    2014 New Year's Resolutions

    None :p happy 2014 world cuber
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    Hello! I Juggle and speedsolve

    At first I thought I was alone I rarely come on the forum and I see your post Cuber & juggler I like it
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    A unique phase method for a Rubik's Cube

    It's good Intuition i'ts my story of cube my sequence of solving too is Solving 8 corners (the cube 2x2x2); Solving 12 edges I haven't been inspired by anyone a book or the web. With you I'd go even further but I decided otherwise. I'm happy without recognition of my impact on...
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    Hitler on Color Neutrality

    Very funny thx I have to smile because who other than me in the world the frustration To the point that pioneer none never told my story and my impact in the media before the time of the first competition two decades later I'm the no name
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    2x2 BLD

    I'm the top 1 stranger who helped revive the cube in the world motivation BLD too
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    Accomplishment Thread

    My accomplissement thread about my tv show held in the shadow of the community The best method to see the return of the cube after 21 years and many good cuber too
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Thx JasonK nice weekend Blindfold Accomplishment Thread 2003 Tel Aviv student joins Rubik's Cube tournament By LAUREN KRUGEL CJN Intern Dror Vomberg has been an avid cubist since he was a child, but it wasn't until he was 15 that he learned how to solve the cube blindfolded. He once saw a...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    8 february 1993-2013 ! 20 years ago! The day that I solved a rubik's cube on tv. The gifts and prizes received I was happy but first I wanted to know at all costs if I was the first in the world to solve a cube BLD. I built a single method I desire to learn without any help. I was alone, the...