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    Competition website hosting: (formerly open sourced

    Hey folks, What is if you have ever attended a competition in Germany, you have most likely used this software before. It was originally written for Aachen Open 2009 and as far as I know, every single German WCA competition since early 2009 (and a few Austrian and Dutch ones...
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    Lanlan 3x3x3 any good?

    Thanks for the tip! I am a bit afraid though that I will run into customs problems when I order 400 cubes from China. (I am in Canada.) Any experiences with orders that big?
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    Lanlan 3x3x3 any good?

    Hey guys, I am planning to build a mosaic (something around 20x20 tops) and I need lots of cubes for that. The Lanlan 3x3 seems pretty cheap. I got a good offer from ($3 for each cube). Even though I will use them for a mosaic, I would still like to buy a decent cube and...
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    Montréal Open 2013

    Downtown (more or less)
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    Montréal Open 2013

    Anyone driving over there from Ottawa and interested in sharing gas money?
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    A Hamiltonian circuit for Rubik's Cube!

    Hi Bruce, nice result. I like it very much! So... No offense, but how do we know for sure that your approach is correct? :-) Brute-force-verifying your solution is not an option (right?) and you don't really give a proof that your way of generating it is not flawed (just a really rough sketch)...
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    How long it takes the Organizer have to reply the competitor by e-mail.

    Hi Maria, please don't take such things personally. The organizers of Munich Open (Björn and Cubikon) don't have that much experience (compared to people like Ton, Ron, Sebastien, etc., who organized many more competitions). Of course, people make mistakes. It's not against you personally...
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    Stackmat Timer Accuracy/Resolution

    Hey guys, at Aachen Open 2011, we used the stackmat timer to generate random numbers between 0 and 99 (last two digits) to decide who competes in our mystery event. Someone pointed out, that this might not be a uniform random distribution. I tried to empirically test that thesis by having a...
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    Aachen Open 2011

    LOL, I laughed so hard when I read this. Best "Aachen Open" story in my book. I don't know how I could miss that on sunday... Hilarious :-) I feel bad for Frank ;-)
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    Aachen Open 2011

    Some pictures: - More to follow.
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    Aachen Open 2011

    There will be live results at
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    Aachen Open 2011

    We just got our 200th competitor registration (+30 guests) after about two weeks (last year, we got about 180 registrations in two months!). The room is getting crowded, so don't take too much time to decide if you want to come!
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    Aachen Open 2011

    Registration is now open. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Aachen! EDIT: We just got more than 100 registrations in less than 5 hours. Most of them german. We would love to have more international competitors! So, come on guys! We want to see some crazy hungarian 9/9...
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    [Official] Cornelius Dieckmann 7.96 solve

    Nah, there was a stairway from where I filmed it. Pretty good position I think :-)
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    V-CUBE Spiel 2010 competition, Essen

    Small update on the website: All competitors will receive a gift pack, including a new, soon to be released, V-Cube type.