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    Friend's video. He spent a lot of time making it, so at least give him some credit.
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    [ER] 6x6x6 1:56.43 mean of 3 - Michał Halczuk

    Still a lot of place to advance. Cube - AoShi, Stickers - my own production.
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    [WR] Michal Halczuk 2:34.64 7x7 Single - [ER] 2:45.10 7x7 Mo3

    Hello there. I'm posting video with all solves. Please edit the first post so that poeple will see it on the first page :)
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    MoYu 6x6 AoShi review (after 2 months of usage)

    I use W5 silicone as a lubricant - it's available in Lidl (sometimes) Also I did not change tensioning of my Aoshi nor my SS. SS has my stickers though. As for my SS, it's not a bad cube overall, I just always say it's bad, because I personally think it could be better than that, but this is...
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    MoYu 6x6 AoShi review (after 2 months of usage)

    This thread is text only. So I got 6x6 MoYu quite a long time ago with a task to make a review of it. I didn't want to do review very quickly since the cube was too new. First of all - it is not better than SS 6x6 - unfortunately for people who bought it. AoShi has very weird sandy-clicky...
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    [ER] Michał Halczuk 6x6x6 - 2:00.15 mean

    I was sleepy at every solve. I think I shouldn't sleep before competitions, maybe my times will get better.
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    [Polish NR] Cezary Rokita 2:41.69 7x7 Single

    [Polish NR] Blonde Harry Potter solves 7x7 in 2:41.69 This guy is Cezary Rokita. He has this unfortunate tendecy to lower his hands while solving, so there is not to much to watch, but the reaction :tu He's officially third in single on the world. I have to add that with this solve he beat...
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    [Unofficial] Square-1: 12.87 avg of 5.

    Not very fast, but will be better. (I hope)
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    [Unofficial] 5x5: 59.70 single.

    Yeah, I'm slow. I shall restart practicing bigcubes soon.
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    [Unofficial] 18 Birthday solve.

    My video. Fss0SyXug9A Full video from my friend. 8MuD3QhfVWM
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    [Unofficial] 5x5 higames: 50.06 (camera view)

    Yeah I failed. Waka waka.