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    Best WR reactions of all time

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    [Official] US Nats 3x3 Finals - Anthony Brooks

    LOL makes sense that it was Chris Tran freaking out about the ZBLL
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    [Canadian NR] Bill Wang 5.72 3x3 single

    OMG you got the Harris applause, so jelly
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    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs 3x3 OH single 6.88

    yo it doesn't even matter any more cubing is over ~~ fin ~~
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    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs 3x3 OH single 6.88

    this actually makes no sense what is feliks
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    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs 3x3 OH single 6.88

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    [Official] Henry Savich - 2.59 Pyraminx single

    That left index at the end is mad baller B)
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    [Official] Andy Huang - 14.97 OH Average (ZZ)

    His style reminds me of Phil Yu, cooool (other than just the fact that it's ZZ lol)
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    How to Solve Every 2GLL Case Using Sunes

    One way to figure it out if a 2GLL is solvable by sunes: AUF your LL so the corners are solved. Let A0 = {solved, H perm, Z perm, other Z perm}, A1 = {ccw U perm on front/back, cw U perm on left/right}, A2 = {cw U perm on front/back, ccw U perm on left/right}. (It's a quotient group which is C3...
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    [Unofficial] I can also ZZ with full ZBLL (16.32 Ao5/ 20.78 Ao12)

    CHRIS TRAN For the record, you are absolutely awesome at life. Every time you post a picture of something cool that you do, like making an ALUMINIUM SWORD or a VIOLIN or a BICYCLE, or pictures of DELICIOUS FOOD, I always freak out and show the people around me. My friend even said the other day...
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    [Unofficial] Maskow: MBLD 24/24, 24:38

    This is the only appropriate response.
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    [NAR] Evan Liu - 5.36 Rubik's Clock single

    omg the diagonal flip, too pro o_O
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    A little discovery... (forced PLL skip for Feliks 5.66 scramble)

    It was Eric Vogler (his name rhymes so maybe that's what the confusion is? lol). Here's the thread. This guy is a complete badass B) EDIT: **** super evan liu ninja
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    2gen Square-1 Solver (by ben1996123)

    This is awesome, contributing to the community like this is much appreciated :)