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    Racing to sub-15

    Week 13 avg of 12: 15.46 Time List: 14.86, 13.63, 17.58, 14.48, (13.47), 14.21, 15.18, (17.92), 17.24, 14.47, 16.32, 16.61 Solid start, rough finish
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    6x6 and 7x7 race thread!

    I'll be competing and will edit this post with my times, but as a recommendation, using an Ao5 or even Mo3 rather than the Ao12 might entice more people to use this thread. 7x7 and 6x6 can be very exhausting, especially for slower solvers.
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    Cubicle Labs WuQue vs Mass produced WuQue M

    The Cubers Home version apparently has much weaker magnets than what Cubicle uses. So if that's your preference, and you don't mind doing your own setup, go with that. It really depends.
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    Racing to sub-15

    Week 6 CFOP avg of 12: 15.53 Time List: 13.05, 16.44, 14.85, 19.20, 15.91, 16.95, 13.24, 14.15, (11.37), 15.79, (20.11), 15.67 Ugh a counting 19, that 20 at the end killed the average.
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    Racing to sub-15

    Week 3 CFOP Valk 3 avg of 12: 17.49 Time List: 15.81, 18.40, (14.49), 21.46, 17.15, 20.12, 14.65, 16.97, 14.58, 17.59, (25.20), 18.19 improvement
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    Best 3x3 on market?

    I am a HUGE fan of the original 356 with the v2 center caps.
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    Racing to sub-15

    Week 2 CFOP Valk 3 avg of 12: 20.10 Time List: 15.44, 16.51, 26.61, 26.39, (13.13), 19.82, 20.12, 19.61, 20.95, 18.67, 16.83, (33.31) First Ao12 in several months. I've forgotten several PLL's ugh.
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    Is the 17x17 UWR Legit?

    I wouldn't agree at all on that. Kevin Hays was sub 3 on 7x7 before he was sub-10 afaik
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    How does a speedcube die on you?

    Eventually the plastic wears down to the point that performance is lost, though generally swapping centers adn hardware can renew a worn out cube
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    So now the Gans 356 Air UM is also a thing.

    It really isn't though, just because its the cheapest yet doesn't mean it isn't a horrible value. I honestly don't see how anyone justifies spending $50 on a 3x3
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    So now the Gans 356 Air UM is also a thing.

    Not really, a $25+ premium for a simple mod that makes a marginal improvement. It cost $5 max and a couple hours to add magnets to a 3x3, why pay so much when its easy to do yourself.
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    So now the Gans 356 Air UM is also a thing.

    Pricey, not worth tbh
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    Valk 3 color scheme

    From the cubicle White FLuoro Yellow Fluoro Green Deep Blue Fluoro Bright Orange Red
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    I want to discuss the Cubing Community and my experience

    I think 90% of the issues people have are just people joking around, stop taking cubing so seriously, no one liked your Feliks thread because the people weren't being rude, they were making a joke. @Artic is right, toughen up. Boohoo someone said you suck, suck it up and stop fishing for...
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    First comp vs. Joining the forums

    have yet to go to a comp