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    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs 6.54 3x3 Average

    the 11th best single is 6.56... AND THIS IS 6.54 AVERAGE, WHAT
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    SS 10x10

    better formula: n^3 - (n-2)^3 the cube itself (-) the inside :P
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    Interviews at World Rubik's Cube Championship 2013

    "Feliks, what's the secret ingredient in your famous rice pudding recipe? Feliks: Practice" :D:D
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    [Unofficial] Solving a Rubik's Cube while hitting a Table Tennis ball

    good job Raúl PD: akdjsfjklsdjfkljsdf yo tambien publiqué mi video aca xD!
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    What colour is your main speedcube?

    i don't know really, i goy the same times with a black or white one 3x3, and all of my big cubes are white, i think the white ones looks nicer PD: i'm colour neutral too
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    [Unofficial] Me solving 3 cubes while riding a bike

    yes, te contest ended the same day i uploaded the video, i almost forgot to participate, the contest was announced in facebook and a few members of the group uploaded their videos, most people uploaded directly to facebook so i can't share all the videos, there was people solving while drumming...
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    [Unofficial] Me solving 3 cubes while riding a bike

    a video that i have done for a little contest for my local rubiks group :p
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    hi, speedcuber from chile

    hi, i'm Diego, from chile there) i'm 17, my native language is spanish so i can't write english properly. I'm averaging around 15...