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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Help my poppy Guhong I put torpedoes into my Guhong, lubed with lubix, set the tension and solved it a couple times. After that, it started to explode every time i solve it... The tension isn't that loose and if i set it any tighter, it will suck... any suggestion?
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    Want a 2x2x4

    cool guys!!! thanks for the help!!!!! i really appreciate it
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    selling a bunch of cubes (US only)

    how much is the fisher cube with shipping to LA?
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    Want a 2x2x4

    Does anyone have a 2x2x4 they would like to sell. The sticker quality doesn't really matter but I prefer to have all of them. Between $5-20 is best. I live in California so you can quote me the shipping cost.
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    Selling Large Cube Collection

    how much is shipping to California for 3 puzzles? I want to get the mirror, a rubiks 5x5, and a tiled QJ migaminx and maybe a Square-1 or Cube 21 assuming that they all turn well
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    Cubes for sale (4x4s, lunhui, 2x2)

    I am from California. I prefer to just send cash over by mail. How much is the shipping 4 the Rubik's Ice?
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    Cubes for sale (4x4s, lunhui, 2x2)

    how should i pay u? cash? Cash would be the best for me...
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    Speedcubing "Utility"

    I love your timer!! its quite useful other but can your possibly set the 3x3 as the default cube in the cube column i hate having a rlly great time but then realize its in the wrong column!
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    [Unofficial] [video] Stickerless Guhong Superpop

    My Guhong does that a lot and its not that loose My guhong even has torpedoes in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Diamond Bar Open 2012

    Any one have the registration link?
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    V-Cube 2, Maru 2x2, and Wittwo (Type C)

    Any ideas on the V-cube 2x2 pillow?
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    V-Cube 2, Maru 2x2, and Wittwo (Type C)

    I have a LanLan 2x2 and it keeps popping internally. Anyone know how to put it back together and to stop i from popping?
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    what advantage does it even offer?
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Lubix Edge Mod Is doing the Lubix 48 eight point edge mod on a Dayan Guhong even worth the time? I didn't lube my Guhong and it has a set of Lubix torpedoes in it already.