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    World Championships 2011 Bangkok

    I can't really go backpacking with you as I have to get back Stateside quickly for school, but I'm sure my dad would be cool with sharing a hotel room. Just something you may want to consider
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    World Championships 2011 Bangkok

    Isn't the hotel itself where the venue is going to work? For two people for 4 nights it's only like 360 dollars. Why won't people stay at the location of the comp?
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    Possible Competition In Florida?

    I would certainly go and I will volunteer as a judge/scrambler. I need to get some competition practice in before Thailand ;)
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    4x4 algorithm

    Bump again. Is there any shorter alg that could swap two centers and two corners? I need it for 4x4 blind so it needs to be relatively short
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    Rubik's Cube sightings in media

    On iCarly on Nickelodeon, there's a giant cube in a cubbard in their kitchen
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    Time Travel Discussion

    It seems plausible that if it were possible to go back in time, say via a machine, it would be like rewinding time like a VHS, and you could only go back as far as the machine existed. Even if you could "rewind" farther, there would be no chances of paradoxes because you wouldn't have existed...
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    So how do you eat your Ramen?

    Some onions and scallions are always good to add in. And chopsticks makes it all the better XD
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    Raleigh Comp

    I would make an effort to come
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    Inception (spoilers inside)

    Not only did they appear the same age, but they were wearing the same outfits as in his memories. But he also saw their faces
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    Georgia Competition

    I was the guy in the orange shirt with the Worlds name tag
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    Georgia Competition

    lol ok, I should hope you'll be doing something productive instead of chilling at my hotel ;)
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    Georgia Competition

    When will the results for the comp be up?
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    Georgia Competition

    Awesome comp! Can't wait for the next one, but we need a steady food place lol. My current 3x3 bld success rate is 71.4% and the number ten slot is 75% :( so close! DYK -Karate chopping the timer is loads of fun -You don't get mugged when you have a 6-foot, bearded and tatooed man with...
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    Georgia Competition

    Better, and it's way more fun! Some of my personal records were set in comp
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    Do you have any rare/different ailments that affect your cubing ability?

    I have ADD. It's not that bad at all now that I'm older, but I always take my medication before a competition so I can concentrate perfectly, especially for blindsolving