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    I need help finding someone

    I got a kick out of the thread title.
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    Win a free puzzle! What is a puzzle you want but currently don't have?

    Imma keep it real with you buddy, I really wanna try the DaYan TengYun.
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    How did you start cubing?

    Always had cubes growing up but never knew how to solve one. First year in high school over a decade ago, somebody taught me how during P.E.. I knew somebody who could solve it in under 30 seconds so I was like, "I gotta beat this guy." Waited until my senior year to actually learn to speedsolve...
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    2019 Cubing New Years Resolutions / Goals

    I'd like to actually be active in the cubing scene again. I haven't competed in a few years. -Become sub-60 on Megaminx. Currently around 1:12 -Compete like at all in 2019 -I guess I'd really like to just be more active in terms of talking with other cubers online. I did join the reddit cubing...
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    Make a pun out of the previous posters username

    Why would he be kidding you? You need to get some of that bab lint out of your ears.
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    What should I do with project tempest?

    Looks like my vote for the third option was the seventh. This is some exciting stuff. Best of luck!
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    Selling Cubicle Silk lube. Also willing to trade

    I take it that development is lubricant related? This is a bit exciting.
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    Selling Cubicle Silk lube. Also willing to trade

    I just got some in the mail today. I feel a bit lucky now.
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    Correlation between music and cubing speed?

    Turning speed for sure doesn't greatly benefit from instrumental experience. Pianist for 17 years and organist for about as long and fast playing usually results from great flow of the wrist. My turn speed is pretty terrible, though! I think the general dexterity gained translates to the cube...
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    Accomplishment Thread

    I got my first sub-10 minute solve on my Ghost Cube. 7:24.52 was the time. Pretty fast for me at this thing, so I'm happy with it. I got it yesterday. First solve took me about an hour.
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    [Help Thread] Where To Buy Cubes Thread

    I agree with the TangLong. It's incredibly controllable and if he gets more into speedsolving, it'll work very well for that. I feel like you would get it in about the same time from and where you are. Your choice.
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    The "I quit / pause / return / change / etc." thread

    I suppose this would be the appropriate thread to post this in. I haven't been into the community for a while. This is my first time logging in for quite some time. Could be two years maybe. My last cube purchase was in mid 2014, until earlier this week when I got a Gans 356 Air. I enjoy it a...
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    How long did it take you to get fast?

    Been at it for 2 years now. Sub-12 global average. Sub-11 if all goes well. I learned how to solve the cube in general 6 years ago, but I didn't get into speedsolving until those 2 years ago. Like anybody else, my times increased while starting to learn CFOP or any other speedsolving method...
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    Twist The Web Skype Group!

    I'll join. My skype account name is astronautblue. I'm not actually 11 years old as my status states. Also I'm generally out of school by 4, but I have a class until 9:45 P.M. on tuesdays. This is all Pacific US time. Fridays are free.
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    Potential Competition in Los Angeles

    I know I'd be totally down with an LA competition. Where at?