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    Italian Open 2015 - December 5th-7th 2015

    ooh, okey, already wondered, why Monday and not Friday as the 3rd day. To bad thats not true for Switzerland as well... :( But I definitly plan on going Saturday and Sunday. :)
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    [Official] 3x3 Single PB: 9.69

    Quite happy getting this in a final, but a little unfortunate I already have a 9.69, at least it's on cam this time. :)
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    Brazil 2015 - Word Championship

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    [Official] 25 FMC Solution (Gernika Open 2015) + surprise

    Gj on the result and vgj on the video, really liked the end. :)
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    [Swiss NR] 7x7: 3:54.69 Single & 4:10.02 Mean - Fabian Löhle

    Second solve is bad but I'm pretty happy with the other two. :)
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    [Swiss NR] 6x6 Single: 2:41.39 - Fabian Löhle

    Thanks :) Thanks :) And yes, it is, but we are getting better :p Danke :) I'd say it's both, I'd love to have some world class swiss cubers, but I'm a little more happy that good National Ranking Position aren't that hard to reach:p
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    [Swiss NR] 6x6 Single: 2:41.39 - Fabian Löhle

    I was hopeing for a sub-2:40 but I'm still hapy I got the National Record back after only two weeks. :) More videos from the Poland-Weekend will come within the next days. :)
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    [Unofficial] 1:09.89 5x5 Single and 6.68 3x3 Single

    without LL Skip :O GJ! ;D
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    [Official] 3x3 12.24 Average with 10.99 & 10.60 Singles

    Since I'm german speaking, it was probably "Ja", but I can't remember. :P
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    [Official] 3x3 12.24 Average with 10.99 & 10.60 Singles

    Thanks :) Ups, sorry :(, should have noticed by myself, 'hole' is quite something diffrent, my english teacher would probably give me minus point for such a mistake. xD Thanks for correcting. :)
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    [Official] 3x3 12.24 Average with 10.99 & 10.60 Singles

    My first official fullstep sub-11: Official PB, two solves later: And the whole average, PB as well:
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    [Swiss NR] Fabian Löhle 6x6 Average: 3:03.07 and Single: 2:50.72

    Thanks. :) Thanks. :) I know, such a small pop, but cost me ~15 seconds... would have been sub-3 average. :(:(