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    Some Super Easy Megaminx PLLs! (that every megaminxer should know)

    Megaminx PLL is definitely not an easy alg set to tackle, but here is what I think are the easiest ones in the set.
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    Yeah It's kinda weird

    Yeah It's kinda weird
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    YJ MGC Megaminx Review

    The MGC is a good megaminx, but the Gan and Galaxy V2 are smaller, and corner twist less.
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    [Review] Is The YJ MGC Megaminx Main Worthy?

    Links to buy: Hello, this is a review from the perspective of someone who does megaminx as their main event. For most cubers, I...
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    New YouTube Channels Thread

    I subbed to your channel, can you sub back?
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    Any cubers in Victoria, BC?

    I'm from Victoria!
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    New YouTube Channels Thread

    Hi, I've started a youtube channel and it would awesome if you could check it out, and subscribe if you enjoy my videos. I'm trying to make the best quality videos I can with the resources I have! My channel: