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    [Unofficial] 4x4: 43.67 single

    Recently, I've been averaging around 52 to 58 seconds, depending on how good my solves are.
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    [Unofficial] 4x4: 43.67 single

    ad2COBAbjbU Not PB. PB single is 41.89. This solve was done while attempting to film a good average, which wasn't successful, but this solve is still good for me.
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    [Unofficial] 4x4: 52.84 avg5

    X0BMt4YyiwM 51.16, (50.58), (1:05.26), 54.97, 52.39 = 52.84 avg5 Cube: MoYu Mini AoSu Not PB. PB avg5 is 49.84. With enough practice, and control over my 4x4 to reduce internal piece pops, I should be able to reach sub45 avg5.
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    Liberty Science Center Open 2015

    These solves in the videos below are what I feel proud of at the competition today. g2LpScv1oRU st2FI6UQ1p0
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    YouTube is Removing Cubing Videos

    This has happened to two of my videos already!!! It's completely annoying and it angers me! We really need to figure out a plan to stop YouTube from doing this! I do not want them to be ignorant about this! :mad:
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    Seven Towns Infringement on eBay - All of EU

    This is just beyond ridiculous. Seven Towns just can't accept the fact that products similar to theirs have existed for years already, especially cubes. Who ever is in charge of Seven Towns needs to understand that making a business by shutting down other businesses for selling non-Rubik's brand...
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    Christmas cubes

    An MF8 teraminx.
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    2015 New Years Resoultions / Goals

    Cubing: Don't care. I just practice. Maybe buy some new cubes as a upgrade to what I already use. IRL: Get better at guitar. Buy a bass guitar. Play a show with a band. Stop being lazy and hitting the gym. Stay focused on college. Go to Six Flags at least once a week, once it opens for the...
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    Red Cross Cubing Open 2014 (RCCO14) - Somerset, New Jersey

    I'll definitely be there. It's not too far from where I live in NJ, which makes me happy. :D
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    [Official] My Best Solves from US Nationals 2014

    5x5: 6x6: 7x7: Skewb: Pyraminx: 4x4 BLD:
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    Starlight Open 2014 - Morrisville, Pennsylvania

    If my work schedule doesn't interfere with this comp, I will most likely show up.
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    CCFC BLD Day 2014 - 6/28/14 in Norwalk, CT

    I would love to go to this comp, but depending on my work schedule, I'm not 100% sure that I will...
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    Yale Spring 2014 - Sunday, March 30

    CXBoocJ7kHo Ta7IaMMQgj4
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    [Unofficial] 2x2 - 7x7 relay: 12:05.49

    Bv9bnJkgEpw I made this for fun. Cubes used: 2x2: WitTwo V1 3x3: Maru CX3 4x4: V-Cube 5x5: ShengShou 6x6: ShengShou 7x7: ShengShou Mini
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    Princeton Winter 2014 -- Saturday, February 15, 2014

    Skewb: 9.58 average 3x3: 13.37 average Pyraminx: 7.49 average