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  • You need to know when to empty your inbox lol

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    Like I said I don't know a pure OLL parity. Waffle has a vid on here of him doing a sub-2 pure flip iirc. Try and dig that up. I actually think I have his alg and not yours.
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    Epic amounts of 4x4 practice can help 3x3 because its a more fluid F2L in 4x4. For me reduction F2L is a lot more fluid than 3x3 F2L.
    Smerbia is better. All hail Smerbia
    Why don't you piece of sh1t join the world's largest, most brutal terrorist organisation a.k.a. and go die in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan or somewhere...
    Hey you need to clear some space in you inbox I couldn't send the last message so here it is.

    Those numbers are from the wiki. The OLLs are either the same or I prefer mine but I think only one is different maybe. I got some from Sarah Strong's site and the rest from the wiki.
    Ah well that sucks I guess. I've only been fining for four or five months too. Ok not totally sure. But from my first solve without an alg sheet I was always trying to get faster.
    I can't send the the message because your inbox is full so here it is. Reply in a PM instead of wall-to-wall.

    Don't worry about me being a little bit faster, it's swim season and I don't have much time in the week to cube. Plus, your brother can help you out. As far as I know I'm the fastest cuber for miles unfortunately. Either way good luck, I look forward to a good race.
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