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    Introducing qqTimer!

    I want to use the qqtimer on the phone! qqwref please make an android version of the timer with a button to start and stop the timer or clickable page!
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Today I went to Brendan's youtube page and there are only 3 videos! What happened? I have downloaded updated-pll video and my plls part one and my plls part2 So Breandan if you want those 3 videos I can up load them to mediafire! Or to my youtube channel with your permission. The videos were...
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    Xxoxia's First Cube Giveaway! BAD LANGUAGE

    Nice one Xxoxia! 500 more subs go go go :D
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    How costly is cubing?

    Cubing is cheap compared to other things! I have spend about 250€ for my cubes. And these is not a lot! If I remember buying games for N64 15 years ago huh the price was astronomical for one game about 80€ and I still have 20 original games in my collection. Every sport-hobby costs something and...
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    [Unofficial] 5x5 single - 58.41 with "world record mod"

    wow epic solve I totally like the camera angle and your tps is mind blowing
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    Negative Post Numbers

    I had a similar problem yesterday! When I was on the home page the threads showed 0 to 3 post count (replies) but when I looked into the thread there were 20 or more post! But today everything is working fine! Btw I'm using google chrome.
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    [Unofficial] 12:06.08 8x8(IRL)

    why the name 4x4 in the video?
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    [Unofficial] 8.59 3x3 avg5

    +1 his tps is just a blur
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    What Dayan cube do you prefer?

    Zanchi is the best! Fast, pop resistant, smooth, doesn't look, cuts corners and it is the most reliable one!
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    Hello from Austria

    Hi neighbour :D
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    [Official] My first sub 25 avg :) 24.91 sec.

    Congratulations your sune is faster than Breandans :D i like your wristing stile cubing!
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    Guide for f2l and 2look oll (Slovenian)

    no poizkusil si samo veliko preveč imaš obratov, F2L mora bit učinkovit ker drugače nima smisla. 2look oll pa si dobro naredil.