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    Running songs?

    I find that it's hard to listen to music while running, but I used to listen to Eminem stuff...
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    Quiting cubing - any other great hobbies you guys have?

    sure. What is it? I enjoy scaling yu-gi-oh cards. It sort of eases the problem of it being unnecessarily expensive (still is expensive).
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    Viscosity of Lubix Found! Cheaper Alternative!

    I think you're pulling crap out of your ass. I would advise you to stop and read Dan's review. I'd rather buy that than Lubix.
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    WR singe 6.63 Rodrigo Gomez - Chile (typo)

    For the record, I laughed....
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    [Unofficial] Haiyan Zhuang 3x3 BLD 30.47

    You're right! I call BS on vid (lmao)
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    Competition in Chicago?

    yay got a band trip april 9th, so the 2nd, I think is great.
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    Lubix Elite?

    we are not just pointing out things that are incorrect. What Amostay was saying is that he is getting paid to spend all this time. If you think about it, it supposedly takes just under 3 hours to make a lubix elite, and it costs around $35. That pays more than many jobs It's just kinda...
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    What the gell.

    Yeah...I averaged 40, then went up to 1:30, then went all the way down to 13. It's like playing poker. You lose some, and then you get it all back and more. Just be patient.
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    When you switched to opposide neutral / colour neutral?

    I watched Dan Brown and then I switched.
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    Just got my Dayan Guhongs

    really...not everyone's equal on this forum. That's that.
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    Dayan vs. V-Cube Patent Infringement

    Grr...time to stock up on Yj 5x5 before it's too late...(thankfully, I already have some guhongs)
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    NEW WR BLD 3X3 30.90''

    Watch out for some more Haiyan rants.
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    [Official] 7.06 3x3x3 single

    beastly solve. were the last slots planned? or was that just a coincidence?
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    Bored students infuriate professors

    why wouldn't you use a resource that's open to you? It's like struggling with your science homework while you do it right in front of your computer (I've known people to do this...) Completely pointless. In the real world, there are so many resources to use, so why would we ban these during...
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    [Unofficial] 5.78 single Last Layer Skip 3x3x3

    I know! All these people are like bullying this dude. I mean, give him a chance...he's trying his hardest.