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  • I had r U'R2'UFRF' r2 R' L2' DL' BL2 UR'U'BR'R2BR r'R BL2' DL L2 but there might be a way faster one. And I think mf8 scheme is in the comments somewhere... been planning on doing qminx v2 with selectable color schemes and puzzle types but I haven't gotten around to actually coding it up.
    Sorry, I still don't have an actual computer to use, and my netbook is awful for making videos. Plus Sandy hit me this week and I lost power for a few days. Even if you do reconstruct the one I already put up, I'll put up another one soon that will probably be easier to reconstruct.
    I usually do pairs first, but not ignoring centers. I try to influence them as much as I can while pair solving, which can up the movecount, but speed me up later in the solve. Then I do CLL/OCLL depending on how much I dislike the case. Then fix centers (usually just one slice move, unless I completely ignored centers during pairs). Then solve three edges, and orient edges while placing the last edge. Then it's EPLL/PLL.

    For my PBs, it's hard to say. I was faster with it a while back, but I've erased my times database since then. So off the top of my head, my current PBs are:

    sniggle: 10.xx
    NL sniggle: 13.xx
    Avg5: 15.xx
    Avg12: 17.xx
    You use columns first? If so, what steps is your method in? PBs? Corners First/Columns First variations are some of my favorites, and I'm pretty fast with them too.
    Hey Jorghi, are you talking about Emos avatar or about Emo himself? Or am I missing the point all together?

    @ Emo. Looks like pandaman doesn't like our taste in music either.
    you are hot
    o-o you are a guy???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I don't understand. Are you offering guidance for someone to inflict injuries on themself? What possible benefit could intentionally injuring yourself provide? Is it a mechanism to cope with stress and emotions? I dated a girl that was into cutting and I just couldn't understand it. It seems like a complete lapse in logic to me? Irrational?
    So then let me create a thread on the topic and then you could just happen to come by? ;)
    How am I going to send them to you? I don't have a youtube account (I don't want to make a youtube anyway).
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