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    My CMLL with Recog

    Hello everyone. I checked back in after over 3 years of being absent on the forums (too busy playing Eldevin :p) and I realized that the format of bb code for tables had changed so I am reposting this with fixed tables. (I would just edit and bump my old thread but it will not let me save edits...
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    My CMLL with Recog

    I have completed this and added another chart.
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    Brainstorming for methods/substeps (for speedsolving)

    "What good is a method that no one uses?" Knowledge.
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    Brainstorming for methods/substeps (for speedsolving)

    Generally, whenever looking for a speedsolving method, "Does it look cool?" would never cross my mind and "How easy is it to learn?", crosses my mind, but has no impact on my evaluation of the method. Ease of learning doesn't impact the mathematical promise of the method, it just deters the...
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    What is your personality type?

    Here are my results: Personality: ISTJ Variant: Turbulent Role: Sentinel Mind - 95% Introverted Energy - 16% Observant Nature - 24% Thinking Tactics - 53% Judging Identity - 25% Turbulent I agree with rowan that these tests are pretty inaccurate and you could probably know someone better...
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    God's number proven at 20

    When I was relatively new, I asked a very similar question. I will do my best to explain why this doesn't work. If you add up every possible 1 move alg, 2 move alg, and so on, you will reach 43 quintillion after 18 moves. The reason for this is that a 15 move alg may solve the same position of...
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    Need a new challenge!

    On the twisty puzzles forum, there is a general consensus that Eitan's Star (it has 20 sides) is the most challenging twisty puzzle made so far. I'd love to get one for myself, but it costs $100. Here is a picture:
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    My CMLL with Recog

    I've had the algs done, I just haven't finished posting it yet. I will do that now. Edit: I will do the last two and alg garron it soon.
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    How fast were you guys after one year of speedsolving?

    Haha... After 4 years I'm still only sub-30. I'm sure after a few averages of 5, I'd get a sub-25 average, but I very rarely time my solves. I'm sure that if I tried, I could get sub-20 pretty quick, but I still don't know what method I want to be my main.
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    Favourite Event?

    1. 3x3 2. 3x3 OH 3. 4x4 4. FMC If it weren't for me not linking to take the time to write my moves down, FMC would be 2nd.
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    A Collection of Algorithms

    That is the correct case, and I fixed my mistake. I didn't see that alg on the wiki either. That alg is better than the others I've tried, but I still prefer mine.
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    Random Cubing Discussion

    Well, I come up with all sorts of ideas, but they only serve to occupy the readers time since no one uses them (myself included for most of them). I really think just answering a few questions here and there helps out though. To StachuK: Don't be so modest. is really nice.
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    A Collection of Algorithms

    I was looking for a CMLL for CLL U B and couldn't find anything on the wiki, but thanks to some messing around on cube explorer, I have this: R U R' U R' F2 R F' U r' F2 R F'.
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    My CMLL with Recog

    I thought it was about time I made a more detailed post about this. First off, you need to know how I numbered the stickers. [/spoiler] After learning this, you should be able to use this same recognition with a different corner (instead of UFL) without too much trouble. This...
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    Guide To All of the Corner LL Methods

    I have algs for them, but they are not on the web. I was going to generate PEG algs too, but never got around to it.