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    Accomplishment Thread

    Hi Guys, after a few hickups my cubing website is back online so if you are interested in ZBLL and advanced ZZ method, go check out I also have a youtube channel mostly about the ZZmethod
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    [Help Thread] The "Square-1 Help / Alg Sharing" thread

    hi guys, does anyone have a good alternative alg for the EP case with W on top?
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    ZBLL trainer

    l think the best way would be to have an average for the cases chosen, be it only T, U or all of them at once.
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    ZBLL trainer

    Thanks a lot for this Roman, it's very handy. Is it possible to show average of a session? and also have PLL in there so that all cases are covered?
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Congratulations, great start for 2017 ;)
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    Website and Youtube channel updated with FULL ZBLL

    Website and Youtube channel updated with FULL ZBLL
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    [Help Thread] ZZ and ZB Discussion

    Hi everyone, as of yesterday all 493 ZBLL algorithms can be found on my youtube channel and l've updated my website with the algs written down so if interested go and take a look :).
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Finally Uploaded all 493 ZBLL algorithms on my youtube channel, feels great to have that out of the way :)
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    YouTube is Removing Cubing Videos

    Hi guys, my youtube channel just got a community guidelines strike after l uploaded a ZBLL video and l don't know how to dispute it. Now when l try to log in there's a message from youtube telling me about the strike and an "Aknowledge" button. Has any of you disputed such a strike?
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    Full ZBLL on video

    Hi guys, the T and L orientations are now on my youtube channel, be sure to take a look if interested. Only Anti-Sune is left but l think l'll upload it slowly since l know most people don't use it.
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    Website Launch: Memorization made easy

    Yes, the website houses algorithms just like algdb does but oriented more towards the ZZ method. The algorithms are organized in sets and subsets that made it easy for me to memorize them in large numbers and are meant to be used in association with the youtube videos l release. So you can say...
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    Website Launch: Memorization made easy

    Yes, the OLLCP l use are only for big cubes, so the algorithms might be longer than average and contain mostly R,U,F triggers. For the time being l'll only be uploading 3x3 related subsets and mostly ZZ related (but not exclusively).
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    Website Launch: Memorization made easy

    I'm at around 250 algorithms l just discovered this great website with all ZZ-CT well organized "" so even l will go there for the time being.
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    Website Launch: Memorization made easy

    Hi Guys, l've just launched my website "" where l've already published my ZBLL algorithms, Advanced phasing and many other subsets. If you like memorizing algorithms or not, take a look and tell me your thoughts, l plan on adding all the algorithms l have collected over the years...
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    BldTrainer, new application for practicing 3-cycles

    Your app looks really nice, do you plan on making one for mac?