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    Make a haiku based off of the previous poster's prompt

    Roses are red Violets are blue Till now I realize This is not a haiku
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    cube wearing off fast ?

    Sometimes I grip really hard with my left hand especially when I'm nervous or overly excited. The way I improved that problem was to pay attention to having a lighter grip. Since it is probably a bad habit ingrained into your muscle memory, it would take a while to change it so just try gripping...
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    cube wearing off fast ?

    Try having a lighter grip on the cube with your left hand. Hold it lightly and turn gently. Or try getting a "squarer" cube like a Zhanchi, Yuexiao, Thunderclap
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    I get 10% faster after working out

    Next we'll see someone bring weights to a comp, and lifting them before their turn to solve.
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    Funny rubiks cube memes

    Loll just made a few terrible ones, IMO we need a cuber's 9gag
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    Guanlong Square-1

    GuanSquan Squanlong GuanSquareLong
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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

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    Full CMLL+6-Flip Algorithms

    So this is CMLLEO, but only with the 6-flip set?
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    Fast way to improve turningstyle/fingertricks?

    "Do big cubes" helps as well
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    Poll: M2 with pinky+ring or ring+middle?

    Quite a large proportion of people's pinkies are too short to reach the back of the cube to do an M2 with pinky+ring (Me included, my pinky is 3 cm shorter than my ring finger :p)
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    Fast way to improve turningstyle/fingertricks?

    Depends. If your turning style has been bad since the beginning, itll take quite a while to retrain your turning style. In the meantime just try turning more accurately and use less corner cutting, grip the cube less tightly and turn lighter would help. Usually a few hours is needed to correct...
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    Yuxin 7x7?

    Yuxin megaminx, yuxin pyraminx, yuxin skewb, yuxin squan, yuxin clock... Still waiting...
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    Good (cheap) way of filming solves ?

    And check out the paperclip phone stand that you could make within a minute and costs virtually nothing!
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    Good (cheap) way of filming solves ?

    Just your phone to begin with... Then followed by a few upgrades
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    Purchasing a variety of 3x3x3

    In Terms of Speed: Fast: Weilong GTS, Yuexiao, Thunderclap, Jieyun, Guangying, Shuangren, Aolong GT, Moderately Fast: Weilong (slightly on the faster side), Hualong, Meiying, Gans 357, Gans 356, Sulong, Chilong, Controllable: Yuxin 3x3, Aolong, Zhanchi, Guhong, Tanglong, Yueying, Huanying...