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    [Member Intro] Hey guys.

    Welcome to the forum! Good idea to utilize the cube to teach your kids problem solving!
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    Nice, keep making your times go down!

    Nice, keep making your times go down!
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    [Member Intro] Hello, I'm Pascal, from FRANCE,

    Welcome to the forum! Cool method btw Edit: fun fact-A Long time ago, there was this mathematician called Blaise Pascal who lived in a France. Soo nice name too!
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    7 Unbelievable Facts You DIDN'T Know About DGCubes!

    This video is hilarious! Edit: Keep making vids like such, they are awesome!
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    What is your favorite event?

    I’m loyal to 3x3
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    [Member Intro] Hello everyone!

    I’ve been cubing for about 4 years but only have one cube-my rubiks brand :(
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    [Member Intro] Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the forum! Btw, 60 puzzles is a lot, nice.
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    [Member Intro] Old guy intro

    Welcome to the forum! Nice idea why the western colour schemes are like so :D
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    [Member Intro] Hello all!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    [Member Intro] Hey my name is Edric

    Welcome to the forum! Good luck for your yt channel!
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    Sub 25! Nice!

    Sub 25! Nice!
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    [Member Intro] Cubing Intro

    Welcome to the forum!
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    [Member Intro] 37 year old new to speed cubing.

    Welcome to the forum! 52 seconds worth of 1 month’s progress is good! Keep improving!